Looking for clarification on TX gun laws


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Dec 28, 2012
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So this weekend we happened to have a few guests over at my house. One was my roommates friend from way back in middle school as well as her two room mates. We were giving them a place to stay while they joined us for Comic Con this weekend. One of them happens to be an Ex Marine and we were talking about guns.

Turns out he had a Class A Domestic Abuse misdemeanor a while back (according to him they were false charges brought by his GF which seems plausible but I really don't know the guy all that darn well so can't make a judgement on that). He is rather unsure of where he falls in terms of being able to legally purchase guns and I figured I would ask on here. Does a Class A violent misdemeanor preclude you from getting any gun in Texas or does he have the ability to purchase only long guns? What exactly are the TX laws on these types of offenses?


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Apr 15, 2011
You say he "had a Class A..." was that just an arrest or was that conviction? Makes a difference. Just an arrest does not prohibit someone in Texas from purchasing or possessing a firearm. There are some exceptions and that language is longer than can be posted here as are the definitions of convicted, etc. Your friend may or maynot be a prohibited person depending on a convictioin on the charge is the best simple answer. Look up one of the online sources for a ATF Form 4473 and look over the instructions.


Oct 26, 2013
I hope Mr. Lautenburg is enjoying his toasty eternal reward for his good service.
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