Looking for some sights


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Oct 20, 2008
San Marcos/Lake Dallas, Tx
I was just wondering if anyone knows of a place where I can get some Williams Firesights at, specifically part# 70897 (Taurus w/ dovetail). I have looked all over on-line and every place I saw said they were out of stock. The only place that looked promising was opticsplanet.com but when I called to confirm the lady said there is a 7-10 day backorder on them.

I'm trying to get them before next friday, or a few days later than that, since I will be heading home for spring break and wanted to try out the sights while I had time. If anyone has any suggestions or works at a gun shop around the Austin or Dallas/Ft. Worth area that carries these sights (or that can ship them to me from another area) I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
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