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  • CowDog

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    Sep 26, 2008
    South of Iowa Park
    I recently was directed to the following site and this group by a friend, and must admit that I find myself in agreement with their stated intent. They offer low cost rifle training to improve skill to a level allowing consistent hits on a target at 500 yards, as is required to be classified as an "Expert" rifleman by the U.S. Army. The parent group is the Revolutionary War Veterans Association, who considers this a patriotic skill set. They call this the Appleseed Project.

    Their schedule has several Texas locations and dates for training for those interested. The locations listed include Davilla, Amarillo, El Paso, and Midland. This group strongly supports gun ownership, shooting and the U.S. Constitution, all concepts of which appear to be in fairly immediate danger. Perhaps some of you good folks might be interested too.


    I admit to knowing nothing of the group or training directly, at this point. All I have seen is the internet site. If anyone has additional information or has had the training, I'd like to hear about the experience.



    TGT Addict
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    Jul 16, 2008
    Do a search on "appleseed" here and you'll find some existing threads with additional info that might be helpful to you.


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    Sep 26, 2008
    South of Iowa Park
    Thanks for your patient replies. I should have done a search. This seemed a novel idea to me and I never even thought about being the last on the block to know about it. I'll search this and catch up. Thanks again.



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    Jan 22, 2009
    I've been to an Appleseed class. You may think you are a rifleman....if so, go and find out. Most people there all said the same thing...they thought they were good until they got to the class and found out otherwise. Most of the instructors said they worked for 1 or 2 years before qualifying to teach.

    All in all, it is a great organization. I would strongly advise you to go. Also take your wife and kids...they go free!!!!



    Been Called "Flash" Since I Was A Kid!
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    Jul 11, 2009
    East Houston
    I love the idea of Appleseed and know people who have had a great time there. The people who volunteer their time are good folks. Unfortunately, Bonnie & I went to an Appleseed and had a miserable time. We are experienced match shooters but the "hurry up" pace did us in. We also noted new shooters and kids who were not trained. Instead of helping the shooters who had difficulties, they just moved on and left the folks who didn't master the last stage frustrated and alone.

    Before you take your lady or your kid to an Appleseed, please attend the event yourself. I have heard great things but I've experienced and know others who have experienced a real bummer. Apparently, there is a wide variation in quality of Appleseed events. It's best to check it out yourself, first.



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    Feb 21, 2008
    Austin, TX
    I just attended my first Appleseed today. I plan on doing an AAR on it soon. While I have a competent understanding of the fundamentals, and am able to call my shots, my training and practice has been lax over the past year so I figured I might as well get back to the basics so to speak. Appleseed is a good venue to do so. Personally, I was very impressed with everything, the professionalism of the instructors, presentation of the course material, etc. Yes, there were of course some things I didn't completely agree with (shooting positions, use of sling, etc), however Appleseed is NOT a fighting rifle course (purely fundamentals and accuracy based) so it was a moot point. I just have a one track mind as I usually focus entirely on dynamic action with a firearm which is a different subject entirely. We had approximately 60-63 shooters on the line, if I counted correctly. Considering the high amount of students, I think the instructors did an exceptional job. I will definitely be attending future Appleseed's. Except for a handful of called fliers, for the most part I shot relatively consistent groups most of the day, however I was continually messing with my zero and never got it quite right. Luckily one of the instructors found an AR front sight tool to borrow from someone, which was nice, though I didn't get my elevation quite on so most of my "consistent" groups were low and resulted in misses. ;) lol Let that be a lesson, check your stuff out before hand and make sure it works! Oh yeah, and if you shoot an AR, depending on what type of zero you like to run (25yd, 50yd, 100yd or something else), don't forget the height over bore issue with AR sights. That one took me a few rounds to remember. ;)

    Also, just fyi so no one gets the wrong idea, Appleseed is purely about fundamentals and fundamentals in relation to pure STATIC marksmanship (which is still important). Other than the basic fundamentals of sight picture, focus, trigger pull, follow through, etc, none of this really has any application from a DYNAMIC defensive standpoint. These are two completely different areas. This is not a fighting rifle class and will not teach you how to operate in a truly dynamic environment. Both static and dynamic skills are equally important, I just thought I'd clarify so no one gets the wrong idea that after an Appleseed they'd be even remotely prepared to defend themselves with a rifle.



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