Lubbock City Council Rejects Handgun Ban

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    Feb 23, 2008
    San Antonio
    By Eric Finley | AVALANCHE-JOURNAL
    Friday, November 07, 2008
    Story last updated at 11/7/2008 - 1:42 am

    A majority of City Council members shot down a resolution that would have banned concealed handguns at public meetings.
    Councilwoman Linda DeLeon, who presented the resolution Thursday, said she has seen a concealed gun at a council meeting. She said the state's penal code allows the council to post signs banning weapons at public meetings.
    But other council members said her resolution conflicted with exemptions allowed by the state Legislature. And a majority said concealed weapons made the council chamber a safer place in light of shootings in other parts of the country.
    The state's local government code gives the council authority to restrict weapons, but not for those who are licensed to conceal one. The names of people with concealed handgun licenses are not public information.
    "It doesn't even make sense," Councilman John Leonard said. "We can't do what we're talking about doing."
    DeLeon and Councilman Floyd Price, a sheriff's deputy and retired police officer, were the only members of the seven-member council to support the ban. Mayor Tom Martin, a retired police chief, opposed it.
    The Lubbock police chief attends meetings, protecting those attending, DeLeon said. More guns aren't needed, she argued.
    "I don't know how the citizens would feel knowing that there are individuals packing while they're sitting there in the audience," she said. "I'm uncomfortable by it."

    Mrs. DeLeon went on to say, "and I think the suggestion by the numbers that voted it down, I may be looking to get my own permit." What a friggin' hypocrite!
    By the way, Mrs. DeLeon is the representative of probably the most crime-ridden area in Lubbock. I would think there are more pressing matters to attend to rather than her selfish matters. Media Player

  2. bonehead1185

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    What a hypocrite, just like you said. I wonder what her reason is for saying that she might need to get a chl now? To protect herself from other chl holders?? I sure hope not!
  3. Shorts

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    Mar 28, 2008
    The city council voted proper to keep the law the law A+++ on that.

    Ms DeLeon caused the dust up over a personal emotion rather than a legal position

    Last but not least, that CHL holder needs a lesson in 'concealed is concealed'!
  4. Texan2

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    Nov 8, 2008
    South of San Antonio
    She is a good example of morons in office

    As an officer who sits in City Council meetings on a regular basis to represent my department, I take heart knowing that some in the audience may be armed.
    She is a good example of the idiot thinking that disarming law abiding citizens somehow has an effect on crime
  5. chevydeerhunter

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    Feb 23, 2008
    San Antonio
    +1 on all three counts!
  6. txinvestigator

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    May 28, 2008
    Ft Worth, TX
    The law does specifically allows that meetings of government entities can post the 30.06 sign.

    Councilman John Leonard is wrong, as are the other unnamed members who said that the resolution conflicted with exemptions allowed by the state Legislature.

    I support the council voting to not restrict CHL carry, but their facts are somewhat wrong.
  7. jack010203

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    Sep 21, 2008
    It does have an effect on crime, it allows criminals the peace of mind that when they commit a crime in an area with a gun ban, they will be able to overpower there victim without worrying about a gun showing up (except there’s of course)
  8. Shorts

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    Mar 28, 2008
    Here is the article I read on this story prior to seeing this thread:

    KCBD, NewsChannel 11 Lubbock |Guns Still Allowed at City Hall After Vote To Ban Them

    Guns are still allowed at Lubbock City Hall.

    This comes after the city council rejected a resolution that would ban concealed weapons at public meetings. Two council members proposed to post a standing sign prohibiting concealed handguns just outside council chambers. The only exception would be commissioned peace officers.

    The idea to ban guns at public meetings comes from council members, Floyd Price and Linda DeLeon. DeLeon tells NewsChannel 11 she has seen one council member with a gun in these chambers. "I am very uncomfortable knowing that other than commissioned peace officers, there are guns in our meetings as we speak," DeLeon said.

    NewsChannel 11 asked, "today there are people with guns?" "Oh yeah," DeLeon added. We asked if they were sitting on the dais? "Possibly," DeLeon said.

    DeLeon argued under the state's penal code councils can ban concealed weapons during public meetings. "It's something very important for us to honor with a sign and I've seen it at other buildings and we need to protect our employees here from those other than commissioned peace officers," DeLeon said.

    Floyd Price added, "We get some pretty heated people while we are doing business for the city of Lubbock. So I don't think this is unnecessary. I think this is a necessary thing we need to look at."
    But not all council members agree. Councilman John Leonard says approving a gun ban notice would work against Texas law. "If we were to post these notices and made that requirement and then enforced that through a ticket or other process it would be defensible and would not be enforce," Leonard said.

    Councilman Paul Beane followed and argued concealed handguns make the chamber a safer place. "If this passes this chamber will become a far more dangerous place than it is right now," Beane said.
    After Leonard and Beane both publicly spoke out against the ban, NewsChannel 11 asked if they carry concealed guns during council meetings. "I am not going to comment on whether I'm a concealed permit holder. That would negate the purpose of being a concealed permit holder," Leonard said.

    "No," Beane said. NewsChannel 11 asked, "You don't? "I do not," he replied. "But I do have a concealed carry permit."

    The vote was two to five against the resolution. Price and DeLeon voted in favor. Todd Klein, Paul Beane, John Leonard, Jim Gilbreath and Mayor Tom Martin voted against it.

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