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    I have come to love the magazine feed LMGs and have pretty much decided that's what I want to collect (except for still wanting a transferable ZB37). Part of the reason I have come to like the mag fed LMGs is due to how controllable they are. So here is what I'm asking of you guys that have far more experience with a wide variety of them than myself. I would like to rank them from most controllable to least. Here is my list so far of the ones I have shot so that I have some idea as to how I would rank them. If you disagree with my ranking feel free to say so and add any to the list and at what ranking you would put them in. BTW I'm not here to start a shit storm of my gun is better than yours.

    Most controllable to least regardless of caliber. Only in calibers issued to a military so a Jap 99 in 7.62X39 is not one I consider (unless they were ever issued?). My usual test is seeing if I can keep a 3 rnd burst on a steel human torso target at 300 yrds. Editted to add, I am looking for off the bipod and not a tripod mount.

    1. M16A3 LMG - open bolt variant of the M16 series made by Diamaco
    2. Stoner 63A - in mag fed LMG version
    3. ZB26 - 7.62X39
    4. Bren Mk2 - not sure if the various Bren model differ much between them
    5. Swedish Kg m/37 BAR
    6. US 1918A2 BAR
    7. ZB26 - 8mm
    8. Jap 99 - 7.7 Jap
    9. M249 - when fed by magazines - shocking to me was how poor the control of this gun is verses older designs
    10. FN FALO - Israeli version in 308
    11. HK 21a with mag feed adapter
    12. Yugo RPK

    Unfortunately I have not shot any more than those listed. I wonder about guns like the Lewis, ZB30, Chauchat, FM 24/29, Breda 30, furrer LMG-26, FND, Steyr-Solothurn MG 30, Steyr AUG open bolt LMG, DP28, Lahti - Saloranta L/S-26, Vz 52 and 52/57, Madsen LMG, Hotchkiss Model 192, Johnson LMG, Vickers-Berthie, Dror, Ultimax,SIG Neuhausen KE-7, and any other you have shot. I want personal experiences not what Ian Hogg has said smile.gif

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    No Gatling gun?
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    Shoot a Cauchaut? Are you nuts? They were almost as likely to explode as they were to fire, and that was 90 years ago!

    I've heard that the 249 doesn't really like to feed from M16 mags...
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