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Apr 28, 2008
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I've been shooting std velocity Aguila out of my Marvel conversion, but at Saturday's 2700 Bullseye match, I had three failures to feed. In each case, the first shot went off okay, but the slide did not pick up round number two, so I dropped the hammer on an empty chamber.

After I got home, I cleaned the magazines (took them apart, etc.) to make sure that wasn't the problem. Today, I took it out to the range and tried both the Aguila and some Federal 714. It functioned flawlessly with the Federal; 70 rounds and not one misfeed. With the Aguila, the first mag had the same misfeed problem.

I'm guessing that some of the Aguila may not be loaded up to specs, so I'm getting a puff round on the first shot that is heavy enough to eject the empty, but not heavy enough to drive the slide back far enough to pick up the next round.

Anyone have the same problem?

Also, I tried both types of ammo in my HS Trophy and HS Victor. The Trophy had a similar problem with the Aguila but did fine with the Federal ammo. The Victor functions with both; no problems.

I tried CCI std velocity a while back, but it would not function at all in my High Standards, so I did not have any to try in the Marvel.


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