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  • Tblack89

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    Apr 3, 2022
    Hutto tx
    Sure that would be great!
    I've got two contractors opinions so far, they're telling me it's a good price...another set of eyes would be cool.

    I priced out just the components and it's defintely not a cheap system. But there's more to value than just the purchase price.
    Depending on how they are zoning it determines how well it’ll work, it has to have a return and supply ducts, how much they are charging for zoning determines whether it’s better to go mini split or zoning. Plus it depends on the brand of equip they are quoting, If it’s one the highest efficiency units or not.

    Sorry for late reply I got off late, above was his response. He said if you have those details he can give me a better idea of how good the deal is. If you know brands and zoning details I’ll be able to give you a breakdown of what exactly your getting.


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    Apr 28, 2021
    Be careful on the components. Seems anything Honeywell I get are turds. From water heater to AC. We got a 5 ton zoning system about 4 years ago. The Honeywell actuator that controls the upstairs/down stairs supply crapped out in 3 years. Over $900 to fix. Told AC guy no more Honeywell, but he advised they are all pretty much the same. Three year lifespan is not uncommon. That one repair offset almost half of what I saved by going with the zoning system versus a separate upstairs and downstairs system. Knowing what I know now, I’d go with a double. At least then if the AC crapped out Id still have half of the house somewhat comfortable.
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