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Apr 9, 2021

My name is Dylan and I'm from Saginaw, Texas. I'm brand new to the forum here, but I find it kind of cool to see a forum dedicated to Texas gun owners. Originally, I'm from Wisconsin, and I've been interested in firearms since I was a little kid. Everything from collecting airsoft guns, video games, movies, my entire life I've been in love with firearms and weaponry. My first gun was a Glock 23 Gen 3, very awesome gun.

I joined this community to tag along with people with similar love and passion for firearms. Especially what's going on currently, I think meeting new people and sticking together could be a very good trait.

Thank you so much for reading my introduction (I know it wasn't that long) but I'm sure excited to be apart of an awesome community and meet new friends!


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Sep 3, 2014
San Leon
Welcome. My precious wife is from Milwaukee, I lived the longest and coldest 2 years of my life there.
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