New CZ 452 Trainer Barrel

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  • mwbrack

    New Member
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    Apr 10, 2022
    Dayton, Texas
    Beware/ Just a heads up when purchasing CZ rimfires. Be sure to check the barrel for cosmoline. I purchased a discontinued like new 452 Trainer in 22 LR at the Conroe gunshow a month ago. Thankfully I decided to run a patch through the barrel and clean any residue, etc. The rod / jag got stuck immediately. Had to use a 17 caliber rod and jag to start the dissolving and cleaning process. Did some research and it has been reported the manufacturer coated the inside of some barrels with cosmoline. Obviously this one has never been fired.


    Watching While the Sheep Graze
    Lifetime Member
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    Sep 30, 2012
    You didn't visually inspect the bore before you purchased it?

    New or not, I will always inspect the bore of any firearm before purchase and clean it before firing.......

    Buying online precludes the pre purchase inspection but not the post purchase cleaning.

    Good thing you checked it..... even rimfires do not respond well to obstructions......


    Retiretgtshit stirrer
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    Dec 15, 2019
    Lost in East Texas
    A person should do a visual inspection of any gun, new or used before firing. Never assume just because it's new, that it can't have something obstructing the bore.
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