New holster report.

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  • longtooth

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    Mar 24, 2008
    Lufkin, Texas


    Jeff Wright is a new holster maker out of Misouri.
    His pictures are better than mine so I start with his. Front & back view of both holsters. Since they are the same holster for different guns most of the review will be statements made about both holsters. SP101 & GP100. The holsters are Jeff's take on a basic Bruce Nelson Design or Askins Avenger.
    First impressions.
    General appearance: Eye appeal is excellent. These are as beautiful in person as in the pictures. Each arc of the holster flows very smoothly into the next one. The lower outside of the mouth of the holster will make the drawmuch quicker. Outside of the holster mouth covers a little more than 3/4 of the cylinder & all of the trigger. The barrel portion of the holster is boned quit tight to the gun barrel & under lug then opens up to a very adaquate site track. The site track opening is extreemly even on both sides. Something many new holster makers struggle with.

    The inside of the holster curves up smoothly to completely cover the cylinder release button & then back down until even w/ the outside covering the trigger guard.

    Gun to holster fit is excellent. There was no need to wrap the gun w/ wax paper or put the gun in a baggie. It will break in very nicely after sitting over night. Belt to holster fit is the same in the main loop behind the cylinder & the tail loop also.
    I like the contour of the holster. This will make break in easier than if it were built streight.

    Dye is even throughout the entire peice. Stitching is even & stays the same distance from the edges throughout the entire holster. All edges are rounded & died to give a distinct outline of the holster.
    First impression in a nutshell. Excellent. I will wear the holsters for several days & return w/ a function report.

    Time marches on.
    Have now worn these holsters for a week.
    First impression has been verified by time. Holsters broke in extreemly fast. I wore the GP100 Monday - Sat. & the SP101 Wed afternoon, through the evening worship time at church & all day Sunday. They conformed to my personal body contour by day 2. By day 4 the GP100 holster would slide onto my Rafters Gunbelt & into position w/ much less work than on day 1. SP101 holster still requires quite a firm pull. It will loosen properly just as the 100 did. When belt is buckled there is NO rock or slide on the belt. Comfort level is exceptional after it had time to set to my body contour.
    I am very impressed w/ the design of the forward belt loop. It is positioned just behind the center of the cylinder instead of at the center. This reduces the overall thickness of the rig about an eight of an inch.
    Holster retention is very good. No need whatsoever to add a tension screw as some makers do. With very good retention the draw is still virtually drag free after retention is broken. Reholstering is dragless and easily accomplished to the point of retention then almost has the effect of a kydex snap in. There is no gun movement at all when in the holster.
    For those who conceal carry revolvers as your personal defense weapon I can assure you, Boom-Stick Holsters are Dynamite Good, & yes Jeff, you can quote me on that. :thumbs2:


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    Mar 21, 2008
    Llano county
    Those are some mighty fine lookin holsters excellent stitch an leatherwork
    can't wait for the report soon enough.


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    Mar 4, 2008
    Very nice holsters.
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