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  • Mcoupe

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    Dec 2, 2008
    Hi. I am a night owl too. I am obessively browsing the following forums.
    TGT (rapidly becoming my fave)
    Sig Forum
    Houston-Imports (car forum)
    I am having a tough time accessing TexasChlForum for some reason.

    Also, I am addicted to searching for good deals on Gunbroker and Gunsamerica.



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    Jun 17, 2008
    Just nothing really setup for it. Alot of liability with .50 BMG due to it's power and range.

    Ya, I'm sure. I've never done any shooting around Austin area but can't imagine a safe place for the 50BMG. Your growth rate is just insane on top of it. I mean by the time you found a place to set up a 50BMG, you would be surrounded by Designer homes before you knew it.

    We're allowed to use the 50BMG here in Midland but it's only on a 200/300 rifle range. There is talk about buying some land back behind the range and extending it but who knows when that will happen.
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