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  • Vellcrow

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    Aug 8, 2008
    This is something I received in an email. It was written by someone I know, so I am aware of the source of info. Please read it all and take it for what you will:


    I have been contemplating the current Wall Street meltdown and subsequent bail-out proposals and my conspiracy-favoring mind began to work overtime. First, I will ask of you to forward the contents of this e-mail to as many people as you can, and not just the ones you know already feel as we. It is important, especially with the ongoing election cycle, that as many potential voters hear the truth as possible. The mainstream media will not allow it, and they aren't reporting the truth. To begin, I provide links some of you may have already seen. These video clips portray the true architects of this mortgage meltdown, the Democratic Party - the very party trying to lay the blame on Republicans. Following the clips, I will explain my belief that this economic catastrophe was no accident or mistake, but part of a larger plan. Here, now, are the damning links:

    Bush warning about the impending disaster:

    The Democrats stopping the Republicans from fixing it:

    The Democrats money from Fannie Mae:

    Obama's ties to them:

    McCain trying to fix it in 2005:

    Now comes my theory. In 1970, ACORN was founded by radicals under the pretext of helping minorities with social causes (low-income housing, welfare, benefits, etc.). The true intent of ACORN, however, was nothing so helpful. According to one of it's primary founders, ACORN was to get as many recipients on welfare as possible, to flood the public doles and bring about socialism in the United States by bankrupting America's economic prosperity. What raised my eyebrows about ACORN, this community activist organization, was that in the initial Paulsen bail-out proposal the Democrats tried to shoehorn a proviso which would allot ACORN $57 BILLION DOLLARS. That's right, we are looking at the second coming of the Great Depression and the Dems want to grant this little community organization $57 billion of our tax dollars. The question is why? And why now? The answer is quite apparent. ACORN is the voter-fraud wing of the Democratic Party. The money is pay-off for the work they are about to do come November. Please see the following link:

    Taken with the fact that the Democrats for the past several years have lobbied and protected Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which is what got us into this mess, the timing of the present market meltdown is suspect. Two weeks ago, following a successful convention and the bolstering effect of a radiant Sarah Palin, John McCain held a four point lead over Barack Obama. Since then, due in large part to the economic turmoil, Obama has opened up a five point lead of his own. Taken as a whole this is troubling, to say the least. A brief recap en route to summarization - Through ACORN, minorities applied for loans they could not afford granted them en masse by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the whole time being oversaw by ranking Dems Barney Frank and Chris Dobb). The abuse of subprime mortgages led to our current calamity, which happens to occur in the final laps of an election cycle and which - with the generous assistance of the mainstream media - is being laid at the feet of Republicans. The final plan, should this succeed, would be two-pronged. One, it would - through some variant of the Paulsen plan - put Wall Street under the auspices of the Government (which is currently Dem controlled). Good-bye free market, hello Karl Marx. Two, it would all but ensure an Obama-Biden victory, thus giving the chocolate Jimmy Carter his long-awaited anunciation. In one fell swoop, and with the complicity of our own media, we would see the end of capitalism in this country. An Obama administration would make certain socialist thought becomes policy.
    So there you have it. You may think me paranoid, but here's one little factoid that ties everything together in one big, bloody bow. Throughout the campaign we've heard of Obama's "experience" as a community organizer. Just what "community organization" did he chair? ACORN.


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    Mar 11, 2008
    DFW, North Texas
    While I'm not an Obama fan at all, the last sentence alone says something to the credibility of "the source of info".

    It's creative, fear-laden and good conspiricy reading, but it's not without some merit. But the high risk lending issue is just part of what caused this. I support the idea that the CRA under Carter kick this party off, but for there, both sides of the idle in Washington as well as Wall Street ran with it.

    Oh, and yes, Barney Frank is an ignorant putz (I can't say what I really feel) that should be put in a canoe and launched off the east coast.
    Every Day Man


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