Ok BigTown stunk this weekend--

Discussion in 'Rifles' started by tju1973, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. tju1973

    tju1973 Member

    Jan 12, 2009
    McKinney Texas

    I got some ok deals on ammo (a few boxes of MC 9mm for $5.50/box) and some ammo cans-- BUT

    the nice thing was that that I saved my money and on the way home I stopped at Dick's in Frisco-- I usually hate Dick's (sounds wierd saying that) but they had Crickett's on sale for $99-- I was going to pick one up at Wally World for $110, but I liked saving the $10. Another good note was that Dick's seems to have ammo in stock- ie 9mm,7.62X39, .380 etc when most are out. It is overpriced, but not by too much.

    I also went to Wally World last night to get some odds and ends and talked to the gun counter-- he said they have been getting ammo in on saturday nights and to come first thing sunday am to get a chance at it--- I did- -they had a crap ton of 9mm and .380-- they always have .45 (?!?) , I ended picking up range ammo for my wife's Taurus (pink 911), my Bersa, and my XD45. Still no bulk .22 though-- wierd.. I always make it a point to buy at least a box of ammo everytime I go to China Mart- -but lately, I couldn't find much except bird/target 12 GA (WHich I still pick up)-- I probably will stop again tomorrow am to see how much they cleared out today--

    strange times, but its what we are dealt..

    My daughters will enjoy the Crickett though! Son is too old for the Crickett, so I am in search of a good, inexpensive .22 bolt action -- probably a Savage-- well back to Wal MArt!!


  2. PopsXD9sc

    PopsXD9sc Active Member

    Nov 16, 2008
    I have found it true that early Sunday is good for ammo at WW. Went in today and they were stocking the shelves; bought enough for the week even though I almost gave in and stocked up for the rest of the month. Maybe next Sunday?
  3. bigtuna

    bigtuna New Member

    Feb 10, 2009
    I was not impressed with the show this weekend either....
  4. Rob1796

    Rob1796 Member

    Sep 17, 2008
    First time going out to Big Town, most likely me last. Picked up a box of ammo to avoid bad luck. Not worth the drive to look at already over priced black rifles marked up even more. I saw a handfull of Ruger Mini 14s for $800+.
  5. Pappy

    Pappy Resident Septuagenarian

    Feb 29, 2008
    I bought a Crickett at Wally World and never again will do so there.
    They sold me the gun alright...had to fill out the 4473 several times because my sig went outside the box. Then supervisor came to check..had to show both my CCL and DL.
    After about an hour, supervisor carried the gun to the front door...I couldn't touch it till I was outside..
    I sarcastically said "Are you going to walk me to my car with it???"
    NO! and she went back inside.

    Bottom line...they will sell you a firearm, but don't want to.
  6. mac79912

    mac79912 Well-Known

    Mar 4, 2008
    They do the same at Academy Sports.They also do not know you if anything is wrong with the gun.You have to deal with the manufacturer.Thats why I only buy at gunshops that have taken care of me in the past.
  7. tju1973

    tju1973 Member

    Jan 12, 2009
    McKinney Texas
    I actually went to Wally World last monday-- I picked up a Savage MK II-- price was good, but the experience was SH*t--

    I filled out the 4473-- but not how the guy told me to-- which was a good thing. He was all f'd up on explaining it, as it was not my first time to fill it out, I just ignored him..

    I gave hime my DL and CCL--- he said they don't accept CCLs? Oh well..

    It took him 15-20 minutes to call my purchase in, because he talked like Mush Mouth..

    He then called for his manager to confirm the purchase-- which took another 20-30 minutes..

    After about an hour total, I walked out with my Savage..I explained to the manager that her gun guy was an idiot.. she just kept tight lipped and walked me out...no thanks or anything.

    Dick's though (And even our Academy) were good experiences- in and out in like 10 minutes with good conversation and a handshake thanking me...that will probably be a rarity (or maybe even at others)in the box stores, but at least there are some old timers (no offense meant either) that still seal deals with good talk and a shake...

    Academy is about to open by my house, and I am sure that Wal Mart will stop selling guns at that branch (across the street)...

    Oh well-- good prices aint everything...
  8. country_boy

    country_boy TGT Addict

    Feb 7, 2009
    Round Rock
    I think it depends in what city you buy from, a smaller city like the walmart in cedar park helps me out more than the walmart in Round Rock, the one in Round Rock isnt very helpful, in fact they act like jerks when I try to buy ammo from them. Maybe its because I wear a camo hat with a dixie flag on it?? The Academy on 1431 is helpful. I usually though either go to the gun shop in cedar park, heritage firearms over off of anderson mill, and or cutting edge armories in downtown round rock.

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