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  • tex45acp

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    Mar 13, 2008
    South Central Texas
    My oldest son recently went through the CHL qualification course and used my Para USA LTC Lightweight in 9mm. He really wanted one for himself but those are far and few between. Yesterday he satisfied his taste by picking up a new GI Expert. I looked at one of these a while back at Academy and was impressed with it's fit and function. My only complaint is the older style grip safety tang and the new style skeletonized hammer. I do like the absence of front cocking grooves and simple but easily seen GI style sights. He told me it has a very crisp trigger that breaks cleanly. If this thing shoots half as good as my LTC he will have a winner on his hands. He is coming home this weekend with it and I have already loaded up on ammo. Range report is imminent!! Here is what they look like from the Para USA Website.



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    Feb 1, 2009
    Man that's a sweet gun.
    I wonder if anyone has ever added up how many makers of 1911's there are?


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    Mar 13, 2008
    South Central Texas
    Well again Para USA (formerly Ordnance) has impressed me. This gun is definately a keeper. I took 200 rounds of mixed ammunition to the range today and it gobbled everything up without any malfunctions whatsoever. I had 50 rounds each of:
    230gr. Magtech FMJ
    230gr. Winchester White Box FMJ
    230gr. Federal HydraShok HP
    230gr. Hornady XTP HP

    Since I really hate the plastic grips, I changed them out with a set of the Kimber Double Diamond Checkered Hard Rubber grips and other than inspecting, thoroughly cleaning and relubricating the gun, I did nothing else.

    I do have a couple of complaints. The slide release literally takes two thumbs to depress when there is an "empty" mag in place. Without the mag it works normally. I tried this with a Wilson 47D and one of my Para LTC 9mm mags and they were a bit less difficult to release but still much more than the norm. Not a biggie in my book. This gun has a extremely strong slide return spring. I need to check its weight to see if is the factory norm.

    The gun has a flat mainspring housing, my preference and an older style tang on the grip release. All safeties worked flawlessly and the trigger became a bit smoother after about 150 rounds. It breaks cleanly around 4# to my guestimation. The three dot sights were bright white and worked fine.

    Shooting from a bench with an Outers adjustable Pistol Rest the hole punching went as follows for the best 9 shot string:
    230gr. Magtech FMJ = 3.21
    230gr. Winchester White Box FMJ = 3.36
    230gr. Federal HydraShok HP = 3.55
    230gr. Hornady XTP HP = 3.38

    Here is the MagTech target with one called flyer.

    Here is the gun taken earlier in the day, after I changed the grips.



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    Feb 21, 2008
    Austin, TX
    Very nice sir! Looks like a great gun.

    As far as the slide release issue goes, I know everyone has their personal preference. If you keep having trouble with it, you may consider trying the overhand slingshot method. It's really a matter of personal preference and there isn't really one method necessarily superior to another. Personally I prefer the overhand slingshot method as it's more consistent for me and universal for basically any semi auto, plus it gives me a bit more practice racking the slide in the same manner as a tap, rack, bang.


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    Mar 4, 2008
    Where did you find that?My Academy does not carry the Para gi expert.
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