Pasadena Gun Show Report


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Aug 15, 2008
Clear Lake
This is second hand from a close friend. AR's $1100 to $2000, AK's starting at $700 both moving fast. Other homeland defense rifles moving fast, most ammo dealer getting low by early afternoon, mag moving fast. Heavy crowds. Lots of guns sold.

CZ guy

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May 13, 2008
Left of Galveston Bay
I was within the first 35 or so in the door and was amazed at the line behind me that stretched across the front of the building, across the parking lot to the grass and then towards Fairmont Parkway. I've been going to shows there for many many years and that was a first for me!

Inside resembled K-Mart on "tax free weekend" before school starts. I managed to get some ammo though. My ammo guy predicted he would be out by noon. Last week at the GRB, he made it to 3 pm Saturday before he was packing up to go home.

Prices were a bit out of my league... on about everything . I cannot see giving more than double for the same AR 15 mags I've been getting for the last year or so at $13.

Gee, what happened to stimulate the economy like this????
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