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Pilots trusted to fly planes; why not let them have guns?

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  • slim jim

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    Mar 18, 2008
    Pilots trusted to fly planes; why not let them have guns?

    If a pilot is responsible enough to operate a multimillion- dollar aircraft, with hundreds of lives in his hands, with no security except a plastic sliding door, (little more than a curtain), he should be allowed and obliged to protect himself, and everyone else with a handgun, when needed.

    The recent fiasco, with the accidental discharge, happened because the airline made up a regulation to require trigger locks on guns, whenever the pilot leaves the cockpit. (I hope they use the bathroom before they fly to Europe.) The pilot attempted to put a lock on a loaded gun, to comply with the silly regulation, and the lock pulled the trigger.

    Trigger locks have a place, at home, on an empty gun, locked in a drawer or a gun safe. Never on a loaded gun. When the gun is carried in a holster, it is loaded, with the safety on, and is as safe as it can or should be.
    No one should be allowed to make regulations without an IQ at least in the double digits.
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