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SOLD Pistols: P38, Nagant, Colt 45, Police Pos, S&W - San Antonio area

Discussion in 'Guns for Sale' started by Alamocity, Aug 31, 2018.

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  1. Alamocity

    Alamocity Member

    I'm moving my collection over to US military arms so selling some things that don't fit anymore.

    I'd prefer to sell FTF in Central TX. I can meet between Killeen/FtHood and SA.
    Prices below are FTF. I'll calculate shipping if needed.
    I have multiple images of each. PM me and I'll email all.

    Tula Nagant revolver, 1936. Very good condition refurbished Nagant with very little wear to the finish. Cylinder serial matches frame. Multiple soviet stamps, and best of all, a discreet import mark lightly stamped on the barrel underside. Don’t settle for an ugly billboard stamp! Bore is bright, in good condition. Comes with the dated and stamped post war holster.

    $340 plus shipping to 01/03

    Mauser BYF P38, 9mm. d block serial code has this made in the spring of 1943. Features the unique Mauser, dusty blue finish that is in very good condition. Some finish wear from holstering and on the front of the grip, and along the top of the slide. All numbers match. Grips are correct AEG made, black wartime grips for a BYF P38 and have no chips or damage. Bore is bright with solid lands. I have shot this pistol several times and it functioned very well.

    One, correct P.38v marked magazine is included that shows finish wear to one side. Functions perfectly.

    The holster is a 1944 softshell made by Gustaf Sudbrack of Bielefeld, Germany, factory code FKX. I don’t see a waffenamt stamped. The leather shows wear to edges but has no rips or cracks. Its molded well to a P38 and magazine. The name Irwin is scratched along the magazine holder and inked under the flap. Most likely done by an American soldier who brought it back.

    Solid, nice condition P38 rig that has the unique mid-war Mauser bluing.

    $1050 plus shipping to 01/03.

    SPF S&W Frontier break-top revolver in 44-40. Based on the serial, I believe this was made in 1887. This is a double action revolver that has some similarities to the S&W Model 3. It was originally nickeled, and most of the finish has worn off. The bore is in good condition with strong lands. I added the aftermarket grips and a few springs. Frankly, the grips don’t quite work with the worn finish, but they are correct for the model. It needs a mainspring. I bought an SW spring that was too short, so it still needs this. Otherwise, it functions well and ought to be a neat, original break top shooter once the mainspring is in place. Would be a great candidate to have nickeled or even blued.

    SPF $320 plus shipping - Antique.

    Colt Police Positive, .38 special made in 1919. One hundred years old next year, and it is in remarkable condition! Really nice bluing with only wear to the grip backstrap, which has a nice uniform patina. Original Colt grips look amazing. Bore is nice and bright. Just a neat example of an unmolested Colt revolver coming up on a centennial. 38 special is a big bonus as it’s an affordable and easy to reload round.
    I’m really hesitant to sell this one as it is so nice; its not a military issue though.

    $650 plus shipping to 01/03.

    Colt Lightweight Commander, 45ACP. Model 04840XE. Recent production (I think 2016), very nice condition. I bought this new and only fired 3 mags through it. Great bluing and Parkerizing. The bore is bright and shiny. Nice bobtail grip safety, with lightened trigger and hammer. Novak sights are excellent. Solid VZ Colt grips. Comes with original Colt case, with one magazine.

    Great shooter. Only disassembled once to clean after the range trip.

    $825 plus shipping to 01/03

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  2. Alamocity

    Alamocity Member

    2 Colts pics

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  3. motorcarman

    motorcarman Compulsive Collector

    Feb 13, 2015
    Rural Wise County, TX.
    S&W Frontier break-top revolver in 44-40.

    PM sent
  4. Alamocity

    Alamocity Member

  5. Alamocity

    Alamocity Member

    BTT with reduced prices:

    1953 Winchester Mod 70 30.06 added!
    Nagant and holster $310
    P38 and Holster $1000
    Colt Commander $800
    Colt Police positive $620

    I've got loads of pics of each - pm with your email and I'll get them to you
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  6. Alamocity

    Alamocity Member

    Pre-64 Winchester Model 70, 30-06

    Very nice Mod 70 in a versatile, common caliber. Serial should date to 1952. Walnut monte-carlo stock was added after manufacture and shows use but is very attractive with an aftermarket buttpad. Bore and action are in VG condition. The barrel was reblued at some point and now shows a unique plum color. It looks fantastic, but is not original factory blue.

    Comes with Weaver K6 scope and weaver mount/rings. Scope is likely a 70's vintage. Still clear and fully functioning. I've shot this rifle at 300 yds and it shot well from the bench with these optics.

    I bought this at auction several years ago. It came with a tag stating the original buyer had purchased this in the 50's while serving in Japan. I'll include this with the rifle.

    Higher quality Pre-64 Winchester - $850 FTF. Will ship to FFL 01

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  7. Alamocity

    Alamocity Member

  8. Alamocity

    Alamocity Member

    Nagant and P38 are SPF. All others still available.
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