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  • TSU45

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    Jun 6, 2008
    San Marcos, Tx
    Sorry, I should have been more specific. What bullet do you want to load and what gun do you want to fire it from?

    You need to pick your bullet based on whether you want to use it for "general shooting" or "hunting" and your barrel specs. Those are two very different bullets in .223. Your best option economically for both would probably be a SP bullet.

    Once you have your bullet, then you can choose a powder to best fit your platform.

    Asking what one powder to use in a caliber with reference to no other factors is a little alarming. Don't take this question the wrong way, I ask out of genuine sincerity and concern (a rarity for me)? Do you have a reloading manual? Or better yet a couple? The ABC's of Reloading is a good place to start. Then get a bullet manufacturer specific manual.


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    Feb 23, 2008
    San Antonio
    I should've been more specific as well. I'm not doing any reloading. I know how potentially dangerous it can be and when it comes to guns, I don't like taking any chances whatsoever.
    I would like to get into reloading eventually and my question was simply for research in the matter just to see what people like to use and I should have asked 'why' as well. I appreciate your input!


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    Dec 14, 2008
    getting into reloading?

    I wouldn't wait too long; when the 500% tax increase in loaded ammo, reloading tools, dies, equipment, components (brass, bullets, powder, primers, wads, shot) and anything else those bastards can think of takes effect, you'd wished you at least bought some powder, bullets & primers so you could borrow the other equipment.

    But don't worry, the great one would never do that; don't buy anything & that's more I can scarf up. Oh, H335 for 55-62 gr boolits. Glad the mods. here are so safety minded. (yea right!)



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