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Just some misc ramblings before bed.

WOW ASC was crowded today!

My pistol shoot started waiting awhile for a spot to open. Finally, one did and I wound up amongst 9mm shooters. I started with my daily carry, H&K P7. Shot a target, answered a few questions about it and put it away.

Then I shot for the first time my new2me S&W Mo.65. The pistol has a 4"bbl & rubber grips, so the 357M recoil was pretty mild. I then fired a some 38 Spl and it was like shooting a 9mm (not very satisfying). Next time, I'll remember to bring a box of 38 Spl +P PP rounds and see how those do.

Lastly, I shot my S&W Mo.29-10. It's my favorite. 44M 6-1/2" bbl orig wood grips and nickle plated. It's a pain to keep shiney, but worth it.
I shot some 240gr and 180gr 44M. I really do not like the green box 180's. It's too harsh/sharp, sorta like +P in a my XD9SC (small gun, big hands). I then finish with a box of Blazer 200gr 44Spl. This was my first time to shoot 44Spl and I was very surprised at how managable followup shots became, even shooting DA. I'm going try & find some 44Spl PP rounds next.

Besides being crazy packed, I didn't see too much idiocracy.

There's rarely such a thing as a bad day at the range.
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