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Range Review - The Bullet Hole, San Antonio

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    Mar 26, 2008
    I've had a measure of experience with various public ranges in Colorado and now in Texas. I hope to give you the benefit of that experience so you can make your choice with some education involved.

    The opinions here are mine and mine alone. No one provided me any form of compensation to slant my opinion. Always remember that opinions are like a certain excretory orifice. Everyone has one.

    I went to The Bullet Hole in San Antonio with a mixed mission. One to meet with a person for a gun swap and also to get in some range time.

    The fellow I met with was a great person, the swap was profitable for us both and all went well. I was able to give my new acquaintance a chance to fire the weapon he was choosing and I could fire the one I was taking in trade.

    Back in Colorado I had first used a public range located in a state park to take my step-daughter shooting. It was close to home and open to the public. I found it well managed and reasonably friendly. The only problem was that it cost a lot of money to get in (6 at the gate and the rest of a 20 dollar bill for one adult and one child).

    Like that range the Bullet Hole uses range officers who enforce security and safety. They announce cease fire. They do this at what felt like rather short intervals but it did not seriously interrupt my shooting.

    I've also belonged to private clubs where cease fires to change targets were often at everyone's consent. For public ranges that are as busy as The Bullet Hole their system works out for the best.

    Thus far I have only had experience with the pistol range at The Bullet Hole but this is the range one is most likely to encounter for handgun or .22 rifle. I saw lots of parents bringing children to the range and the children were not allowed to run around bored.

    The Bullet Hole did serve to give me a good experience for the money. I won't be there often but may use it again for the same sort of trip, meeting up for a swap.

    If you are in the San Antonio area and in need of a public range I recommend giving The Bullet Hole a try. They have a web site if you want further info. You should be able to find it via Yahoo or Google.
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