Record Day on the Forum


TGT Addict
May 29, 2017
Austin, TX
Yesterday we broke the 1000 visitor mark, with 1093 visitors! Last month we were averaging about 450 - 500 visits a day, but through the collective effort we have been averaging about 600 - 700 visits a day in the month of July. We've already surpassed the unique visitor stats for last month and we still have a few days to go.

Thanks to everyone working to get the word out. It's paying off in the stats.


TGT Addict
Mar 9, 2008
Between Tomball & Waller
I like this site also and hope it stays as great as it is but as it grows
theres always some one who dont know how to read the forum
rules and will go off in a rant if they get their hand slapped.
Texas CHL was a good site when I first joined only a 1008 folks
on it and it was like a family gathering and as it grew things got out of hand and now they have about a dozen monitors to keep things civil.
Hopefully TGTwill be able to stay as good as it is as it grows.
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