Reflex Bighorn Hunter Bow Package


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Feb 23, 2008
San Antonio
I haven't bowhunted in over 3 years and my stuff is collecting dust. I need to make some room and get some funds for some new firearm stuff so this has to go.

This bow package is basically ready to hunt as is. It may need a little tweaking to suit your needs. Package includes:

Reflex Bighorn Single Cam Bow RH set at 65lbs and 29” Draw
Whisker Biscuit Rest
Trophy Ridge Nitro 5-pin Sight
Limbsaver Limb and String Leech Silencers
5-arrow quiver
6 Gold Tip Arrows(Three with Lighted Knocks)
Real feather flights(chartreuse/white)
Two Cobra releases(Black for practice and Camo for hunting)
Archery Box with assorted broadheads(fixed, mechanical and field points) broadhead wrenches, allen wrench set, wax, etc.
Bow square
Blind mounted bow holder
Swing Arm Bow Holder( for tree mounting)
No Snow spray for waterproofing your Whisker Biscuit and feather vanes.
Bow sling – this sling helps in comfortable carry of bow in the field and allows the firing of the bow with sling attached.
Flambeau Bow Case

All said, the total of the whole package would retail for over $550. Cabela’s has a Bighorn package for $449, but doesn’t include arrows, broadheads, target, case and all accessories. Will take $450 obo.

I also have a practice target if you want it. Of course it'll ship seperately. More pics available here. Bow/

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