Reloading 7.62 X 54R......


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May 4, 2008
Ok, I am on a reloading kick since purchasing all the gear about a week ago. I have been successfully loading .40SW and .223 and continue to add die sets to broaden my abilities......

I own both a M-44 and a Romak-3 and would love to load some better quality ammo for these guns. I have heard that using brass-cased ammo in the Romak is verboten, something to do with the action being too violent and ripping the rim off - then loading a new cartridge into the damaged one, screwing everything up.......any truth to this?

Anyway, is there a good source for reloadable brass for this caliber? Any recommended bullets/propellants?


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Feb 22, 2008
Austin, TX
I reload for my 91/30. I use a .311" 180 grain Sierra Pro-hunter, with 44.5 grains of Varget and CCI primers in a Privi case. You can buy the bulk Privi cases from Grafs, BUT be warned, they are expanded for .308 diameter bullets, and trying to seat a .311 will mess up the neck.

I just buy the Privi loaded ammunition from the fun show or they could be bought online. Privi makes high-quality brass and I use it for all the calibers I reload. Wolf Gold is the same thing as the Privi, so if that's all you can find it would work just as well.

I too have heard about Romaks ripping the rims off of cases. I think it's best to feed those guns the Silver or Brown bear ammo.
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