Remington 700SS 5-R


Mar 11, 2008
Shelled out the green for a Remington 700SS with the 5-R milspec barrel. Should be giving a range report soon. Anyone have 1st hand experience with one? Lots of hype on the net. 3-18x42 IOR scope with a MP8 reticle.


Mar 11, 2008
5-R lemmon

Still working out the kinks on this one.
My first trip to the range gave me a 3 1/2 group at 100 yards with Black Hills 175g match.
Dismantled the scope and mounts and gave the bore a good scrubbing and torqued everything back together. 2cnd trip to the range. Same 3 1/2 inch group.
This time when I cleaned the bore I noticed a few nicks in the rifleing out by the crown. Satruday I took the rifle to the Power Horn in San Antonio and let David their in house gunsmith take a look at it. His first question was to ask if I had checked the head space. No .....
Bolt closes on a NO GO gauge ... Won't close on a FIELD gauge . According to the gunsmith Remington considers this adequate. For a battle rifle I would agree. For a heavy barrel target/tactical rifle. No.
He then checked the bore with a bore scope and found a rough spot. The crown was also not sqare with the bore. Trigger pull was 7 1/2 pounds.
I had him lap the bore and recrown the muzzle.
When I took it back to the range I broke it back in. Cleaning between shots. After two boxes the the recrow and barrel lapping started paying off. I can now group under and inch. I am sure with neck sized hand loads to compensate for the large chamber and a trigger job I can half this. The rifle will never shoot factory ammo and be accurate enough for match/tactical shooting. My option is to spend the money to have the barrel cut back and re-chambered with a match chamer or to hand load.
This will be my last factory Remington. Their warranty only covers the original owner for 2 years. I bought the rilfe used and Reminton does not considered this a defect. This is the 2cnd Remington I own that has had to be worked to make it shoot. The first one was a cheap 243 700 ADL. It groups 3 inches at 100 yards unless I hand load a round so long it won't fit in the magazine. But it is a $250 gun. Not a $950 heavy barrel. Remington has started producing guns to satisfy lawyers , no shooters. Long throats, large chambers and heavy heavy trigger pulls. Only way I will buy another one is if I headspace it and test the trigger pull before I take delivery. :confused:



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