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Remington 870 vs 870 wingmaster

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  • nguyenhoang

    New Member
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    Sep 13, 2008
    Houston, TX
    Just trying to see what the differences between the basic 870 and the 870 wingmaster other than the price tag. New to the shotgun area so any help would be appreciated...thanks!
    Target Sports


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    Apr 28, 2008
    Kenefick, TX
    How Remington lowered the Express price was to reduce hand labor to a bare minimum, and to eliminate much of the polishing and de-burring the better quality Wingmaster.
    The Express is basically the same forged and milled steel receiver and heavy-duty internals gun the better 870's are, just in a rougher, less well finished form with plastic and MIM parts.

    The Express Model has:
    A plastic trigger group.
    The dimples in the mag tube and the new style plastic magazine retention system, EXCEPT on the extended magazine versions, which do NOT have the dimples.
    A rougher finish inside and outside, with machine marks and some burrs left.
    A rougher, bead blasted blue job.
    A less polished bore.
    A two piece sleeved barrel. (not 100% sure about this)
    Hardwood or synthetic stock, with a sporting-length fore end and pressed-in checkering.
    The Defense version has 18", Cylinder bore barrel, with a bead sight.
    The Marine Magnum and Tactical models have plated or polymer finishes.
    Some Metal Injection Molded (MIM) parts, like the extractor.

    The Wingmaster has:
    An aluminum trigger group.
    The old style magazine retention system.
    A much smoother finish inside and out, no machine marks or burrs.
    The Wingmaster gun receives a higher level of inspection and finishing.
    A fine, commercial polished blue finish.
    A polished bore.
    A chrome plated bolt.
    A one piece barrel.
    Walnut stocks with the famous "Bowling Pin" finish in gloss or satin. and better checkering.
    Wide choices in barrel lengths and choke options.
    No use of MIM parts, the extractor is milled.
    The Wingmaster is the full top-of-the-line commercial Remington pump gun, and is priced accordingly.

    (shamelessly copied from elsewhere {})
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