Review Of The Movie "Escape Plan"


Been Called "Flash" Since I Was A Kid!
Jul 11, 2009
East Houston
I awoke to a cool, gloomy drizzly day so I figured I'd check out a flick entitled "Escape Plan". I expected a 3 star movie that would fill in a dismal afternoon. What I found was an engaging, believable plot that proved to be two hours of pretty good entertainment!

The movie stars two familiar action figures, Stallone and Schwartzenegger. The interesting thing is that both stars are older and have plenty of miles on them but no attempt is made to make them resemble their "Rocky" or "Terminator" appearance. These are older guys and that's how they play their roles. That part was refreshing. Closeups on Arnold and Sly, show some hard miles.

Stallone is a professional who makes his living breaking out of prisons to improve security. They incarcerate him and he breaks out of the lockup. Stallone literally wrote the book on breaking out of prisons. They have security codes for him and if things go south, he can give the release codes and get out.

A job is offered for twice his normal fee to check out an off the books Federal lockup. This place is super secure and secret. Sly gets picked up, drugged and wakes up in this lockup. His release codes have been erased due to treachery and a sell out so this time he's locked up in a brutal clandestine prison for keeps.

He meets Schwartzennegger and the two plot an escape. Sly figures that they're locked up in an underground prison but later, we find that's not quite right. Not going to give that away.

Treatment is brutal in this prison and the Warden is one sadistic SOB. Some of this is pretty hard to watch as the Warden applies his special brand of cruelty. I'll leave the story here so there are no "give aways".

Language is pretty rough and brutal treatment is the norm. Parts of the movie are hard to watch.

There is plenty of shoot 'em up action at the end. I expected bravado like we see in "The Expendables" but there was almost none of that. These guys were in a serious jam and were trying their best to get out of the prison. That part was easy to relate to.

I liked this movie! It was not at all like I expected and the story, while Hollywood all the way, it was pretty interesting. Scenes of the prison are very stark. Being locked up in a place like that would be a nightmare. Add a sadistic Warden and that gets even worse. You will recognize the Warden from a popular TV series.

I'd rate this movie an A- to B+. I read reviews on it and they were not stellar but I enjoyed seeing it, stayed hooked into the story for the entire time, didn't doze off and, in all, it was a positive experience!



Been Called "Flash" Since I Was A Kid!
Jul 11, 2009
East Houston
I neglected to mention that the older couple sitting in front of me was adding to my viewing experience. One of the two was passing gas....very quietly but super deadly ones! Can't say that I've experienced that in the theater, before!




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