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Rifle Bag/Range Bag/Get Home Bag (Product Review)

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  • Thumper_6119

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    Jun 19, 2008
    Amarillo, Texas
    This is not intended as spam, and I am not affiliated with the company that manufactures these products or the companies that sell them. I submit this as a review of the product for my fellow shooters. Mods, if this is inappropriate here, please let me know.

    I had been looking for a bag that I could use as a range bag that would hold most of the stuff I would need when I went to the range with my AR. I also wanted a bag that could hold the essentials should a SHTF situation arise and I needed to be able to move quickly with said essentials. (I also would use this when camping or backpacking). I had trouble finding the right blend of bag and mag carrier. I finally found it a couple of years ago in the Hawkepak Bugout Rifle Bag. This bags are well built and well designed. All the cargo compartments are covered by the main flap. Once the flap is opened, the main cargo area and mag pouches are revealed. The 3 large mag pouches in the front will hold 6 30rnd .223 mags or 3 30 rd .308 (or Ak) mags. The 3 smaller mag pouches will hold 3 pistol mags. (I know it will hold 3 .45 or 9mm mags, I haven't tried the Desert Eagle mags yet). All of the mag pouches have velcro secured flaps individually. In the main cargo compartment, there is a removable divider that is secured with velcro that can be moved to suit a particular sizing need, or removed altogether. There are a couple of smaller pockets inside the main comaprtment, one of which is a "hidden" pocket. In addition to the main compartment and the mag pouches, there is an another external pouch that can hold a liter sized water bottle (mine carries my Camelbak bottle). There is an adjustable "holster" that is included with the pack and can be secured inside the main cargo compartment against the velcro sides. (I keep my sidearm on my hip, however, the holster might be useful for a backup pistol). The shoulder strap is adjustable and well padded. On the back of pack are straps that can be used to attach the pack to a utility belt as well as a thigh strap for an even more secured fit. (The pack is designed to be worn over the shoulder, the additional straps are not designed to hold the pack by themselves).

    A few images (not mine):


    Mag pouches

    Main compartment

    Additional external compartment (water bottle pouch)

    Rifle mag pouches open

    Pistol mag pouches







    They are available in different colors, I purchased black for both my wife and I's bags. Here are a couple of shots of mine:



    My budget battery storage unit


    Ready to roll

    I keep 9mm and .233 Boresnakes, some Qtips and some Rem-Oil in the pack. I also keep a multitool, 6 AR mags (6 Mini-14 mags in the wife's), 3 9mm mags, a flashlight, a first aid kit, binoculars, batteries, a walkie-talkie, and maps of Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico in mine.

    A great bag with tons of uses, but designed around shooters. Makes a great range bag. I highly recommend this bag. They discounted the price on these, so I may pick up a couple more, maybe in a different color this time.

    They are available here and here.
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