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Sep 9, 2008
howdy guys newbie to this forum but not to rugers anyway I read on another forum about causing a prob. by pulling trigger on my p345 with the safety on I don't mean really putting pressue on the trigger but just pulling it thru to break it in and smooth out the trigger som I am aware of the mag. safety issue I do not dry fire my guns as a general rule but this new info or prob. has me stumped by the way ruger said it was not a problom thanks in advance for any feedback on this issue jim


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Mar 5, 2008
Texas of course
The only problem you'll have doing any dry firing is if you do it with the mag out. (it takes about 5 mins to take the mag safety out though, then youwon't have to worry bout it). The best way to smooth out your trigger is by shooting it though. ;) BTW: I LOVE my P345, it's my favorite .45 I own, way more accurate than I, it's got around 35,000 rounds through it and the only thing I've had to do was replace the recoil spring about 5000 rounds ago (I replaced it with a Sig P220 18# great).

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