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Mar 5, 2008
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To all Smith & Wesson Distributors and Retail Customers:

Please note Smith & Wesson has posted the following notice on our website - www.smith-wesson.com.


Notice to owners of Smith & Wesson i-Bolt Rifles

Smith & Wesson is initiating a recall of all of its i-Bolt rifles. We have discovered that a flaw may exist in the bolt supplied with a few of these rifles. As a result, we plan to initiate a recall that will involve the inspection and repair, if necessary, of each bolt.

The details of this recall will be mailed to all known purchasers in the next few days. In the meantime, in the interest of safety, WE ASK THAT YOU STOP USING YOUR (i-Bolt) RIFLE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

Be advised that Smith & Wesson is closed over the Thanksgiving Holiday. Customer Service will be available Monday, December 1, 2008 to coordinate bolt repair."

For all of our Distribution Partners and Retail Customers, we ask that you take the following actions:

Please stop selling all i-Bolts you have in inventory. For distributors with inventory in your warehouse, it is our intent to bring new parts to your warehouse and perform a simple repair on the rifles.

Everyone will receive information next week as to next steps.

We will also finalize a communication for i-Bolt rifle owners and dealers early next week with information on the recall process that we will share with you.

Thanks for your support.

Leland Nichols
Senior Vice President - Sales & Marketing Smith & Wesson
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