..Savage 93R17 BRJ - gift for my Wife..


Jan 27, 2013
I posted before about getting a Savage .17HMR for my Wife, as a Christmas gift. I got all the "pieces", put it together and then had a friend bore sight the rifle for me - but I hadn't shot it. I'll be giving the rifle to my Wife earlier than Christmas morning as she'll attend her Families pre-Christmas get together on the 21st - most of them will do some "ranch shooting" during the gathering

I thought it prudent that I familiarize myself with the rifle so that I could pass along "some" info to my Wife (I was a good shot with an M1 back in the 50s & 60s but haven't shot a rifle since the mid 70s, a .22mag and I had never shot using a scope)

our LGS has a dozen or so 100 yard rifle lanes (indoors) where yesterday I did 3 five shot groups at 25 yards and then moved the target out to 100 yards for the last five shots. I shot 2 (not well grouped) rounds, adjusted the scope and shot the final 3 rounds.....I think I did pretty well on those last 3 for not having shot a rifle in 40 some years :



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Oct 15, 2009
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You totally missed the dime!

Good shooting especially considering your vacation from it.
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