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Apr 27, 2008
Y'all shoulda been there! I had so much fun and learned a lot of great concepts at the Impact zone range.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to participate in SouthNarc's PUC, and ECQC 1 & 2 . This class is even better than the last iteration I took. I was happy to meet & train with some new folks as well as some former classmates. We worked hard, learned some new skills and practiced their application. I know I was feeling the tiredness and sense of true accomplishment on the drive home.

I really believe this is MUST HAVE training.

"We spent the first half of each day on the range, working dry and live fire drills. We learned the combative drawstroke and shooting from "2" through a progression (based on proximity of threat) of extension and compression.


Event Coordinator
Apr 27, 2008
The second half of each day involved learning then applying MUC, combatives, weapons access/retention/disarms from in holster & drawn, standing and grounded positions, etc. These skills and concepts were then practiced in a series of live drills and force-on-force evolutions.

We were also lucky to have some bonus vehicle evolutions (VBJJ=vehicle Brazilian jiu jitsu). This was a definite eye opener and a great learning experience for everyone. We learned how valuable space is and the cost for giving up dominant position.

A few observations:

If the BG has hands on, it makes a huge difference in your gun handling decisions and defense options.

Shooting paper targets are a good start, but should not be the end of your handgun training.

If you really want to learn about defending yourself (or your loved ones) with a firearm, you need to be honest to the problem and then work toward solutions to solve the problem.

I ran out of space for the pics, you can see a few more here: • View topic - ShivWorks AAR


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