Shot Show 2014 Vortex razor HD 2nd gen Optics

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    Shot Show 2014 Home Vortex razor HD 2nd gen Optics

    This is a look at the new Vortex Opticsvortex second generation Razr HD optics. The 3-18 and the 4-27 have some great new features. The turrets have simplified 0 stop and are locking the elimination controls are a little different than the previous generation and that they got them off of the ocular housing overall I'm pretty impressed with these optics

    When I went by The vortex booth at shot show, I met with jimmy, the Vortex rep that post here on

    He was kind enough to take time and show me the features of the new razor HD gen 2 Optics.

    As a user of the 5 to 20 razor HD, I am most interested in the new 4-27 Optic. The new Optics are large, heavy and appear to be very durable. They have changed The tube from a 35 MM to a 34 mM tube. This allows us to use a wider range of mounts.

    The location of the illumination control has been moved from the ocular eyepiece to the left side of the parallax knob. Is now a pop up or pop out dial.

    The elevation turret, there is a turn indicator so you do not get lost as you dial in elevation. The clips are positive and are audible. Tactile feel is pleasant and very usable. This feels like a much more expensive scope.

    The zero stop is much simpler to set on the gen II razor HD. You can use the special tool is included with the scope, or you can use a screwdriver. This is a vast improvement over the gen one design

    The windage turret feels good in the hand. The clicks are very positive and audible.

    The glass well, you cannot tell much about the glass in the hall at the Sands convention center.

    Overall, this appears to be a large evolutionary step for the Vortex Razor HD line. I want to see it in the field next to the gen I HD and it's competition.

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