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Shouldn't automatics be oiled?

Discussion in 'Handguns' started by emanon, Jan 16, 2020.

  1. Glenn B

    Glenn B Well-Known TGT Supporter

    Sep 5, 2019
    Texarkana Area
    I have followed that all my shooting life. I have never, to my knowledge shot reloads or new handloads.

    In fact, I have a reloading kit that I have owned for several years now, opened the box to look at it and put it away; also went to a reloading class but the set remains boxed. One of these days I'll set it up and use it but I really need someone to show me how. The class I took was given by a nice guy but he was evidently a moron - at least when it came to giving a class - one instructor and about 10 students just did not work out very well, especially when he told the students to check one another to see that each of us was doing it right. Not one of us had a clue - after all that's why we were taking the class!

  2. Glenn B

    Glenn B Well-Known TGT Supporter

    Sep 5, 2019
    Texarkana Area
    See post 6; sure looks like he read the manual. Also, just by his posting this thread, it makes one (at least me) think he did not take the other guy's advice.
  3. V-Tach

    V-Tach TGT Addict Forum Sponsor

    Sep 30, 2012
    I know a horror story of some cops that used Frog Lube on their Five Seven pistols back when it first came out......a week later while qualifying none of them would fire........and they had been carrying them on duty all that week.........

    Did they follow instructions? I don't know.....and at this point I don't care...

    I won't use it or recommend it............
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  4. Moonpie

    Moonpie U.S. Rifle M1 caliber .30 Lifetime Member

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  5. TheMailMan

    TheMailMan TGT Addict

    Dec 3, 2015
    North of Kaufman
    Read the front of a reloading manual. Then, if you feel the need, watch some videos.

    My buddy and I loaded 1300 rounds of pistol ammo today. The advantage of having two Dillon 650 presses.

    I have some pistols that have NEVER had a factory round fired in them.
  6. Glenn B

    Glenn B Well-Known TGT Supporter

    Sep 5, 2019
    Texarkana Area
    I am THE Great Procrastinator; I'll do it sooner or later.
  7. Cannon 2019

    Cannon 2019 New Member

    Aug 30, 2010

    I'm a gunsmith next door to an indoor what do I know, eh???

    I've seen a bunch of guns come in having "issues".
    NEVER has the issue been a dry gun, i.e. too little lubrication!
    Most often it's too much oil and too little cleaning.
    Rangemasters tend to be ex-LEOs or ex-military.
    Seems they are taught, "If it's not working right, oil it...heavily"!
    I absolutely agree with this ONLY in the context where problems occur during the fight, getting back into the fight ASAFP!"
    If you're on the firing line, esp. if in a match, then maybe there/then also.
    A proper remedy here is something like CLP to dissolve "gunk" and restore movement.

    When the action is over and the FIRST opportunity presents itself,
    clean the oily, greasy, sticky mess!...OK?

    Extra oil or grease just attracts any particulates (powder fouling, dust, pocket lint, etc) making an abrasive, sticky slurry that generates feed problems and accelerates wear.

    The correct amount of lube is barely visible and only in the appropriate places.
    If you clean your gun and look for & find shiny spots where surfaces are rubbing against each other, then those are where lube (typically a good gun grease) goes. Oils are not very good slide lubes (but are way better than nothing!).
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  8. zackmars

    zackmars Well-Known

    Nov 4, 2015

    Ill see if i have my notes, but I've seen MANY, and i mean MANY guns that were not working reliably, be fixed by the liberal application of grease or oil
  9. zackmars

    zackmars Well-Known

    Nov 4, 2015
    Found them. Long post warning.

    Px4 storm .40, gun required lots of force to open, needed lube

    Cz scorpion, ft feed with winchester forged

    Sig p226 9mm, ftrtb, gun needed lube

    Ar15 odin works gas block wasn't tightened down, walked forward

    1911, various failures w/ blazer brass

    Glock 17, possible limp wrist by new shooter

    HK VP9, stuck case of winchester forged

    Xd40, ft feed

    1911, gun failed to feed from mag

    Taurus g2, shooter rode slide home, causing the gun to not lock up, shooter would then cause a double feed

    1911, gun would fire but not feed from magazine

    Ar15, shooter rode CH home and caused a double feed

    Beretta .22, gun failed to pick a round from the mag

    Ar15 went full auto, disconnecter had no spring

    Sig 365, gun fired and ejected, but did not feed a new round

    PPQ 9MM, stuck case, was with winchester forged

    P365, various failures, gun went back to sig 5 times

    7.62x39 ar15. Light primer strikes. Cause was an elftman trigger. Was fixed by swiching to a lower with a milspec FCG

    Anderson rf85 AR, failure to return to battery. Was fixed by lubricating rifle

    M1 carbine, new inland mfg. Various malfunctions. Rifle ran fine after lubricating it and swapping to a 15 round mag

    Springfield XD 9mm. Gun would just plain not cycle. Gun was made to run a bit better by lubricating and giving the shooter some instruction on propper grip

    Remington 870, gun would not extract monarch brand birdshot. Extractor would pop over like it wasn't even there. Hulls had to be tapped out with a cleaning rod. Gun ran federal gold label fine. Shooter was suggested to polish the chamber.

    1903 Springfield. Gun would not feed from the mag. Posistion of mag cut off was checked. No solution found, suggested the shooter look for a new mag spring.

    GSG mp5 .22lr guy had a drum mag spew rounds like the fountian of youth

    10/22, drum mag fed improperly. Shooter rode charging handle home (quinquagintuple feed?)

    Rem 7400, double feeds and short strokes. Gun needed lube

    Winchester 70, bolt failed to feed from mag, shooter loaded mag from the floor plate.

    Glock 19, slide failed to cycle. Possible limp wrist by new shooter. Shooter was given instruction on grip, and gun ran fine

    2 hipoint pistols. Malfs mostly looked to be mag related

    Ar15, double feed. Possible combo of bad magazine and bad ammo

    Fmk glock clone, gun would not fully unlock. possible limp wrist by new shooters.

    Sks with those detachable metal mags. Gun would not feed. At all.

    Ar15, shooter rode CH home

    Ar15, shooter rode CH home

    Ar15, shooter rode CH home

    M1 carbine, shooter rode the charging handle home

    Taurus 1911, multiple failures to feed. Gun functioned fine after lubrication

    Remington 7400. Stuck cases

    SAI m1a. Would not feed from mags

    Walther p.38. FTRTB. My gun. Probably overdue for some new springs

    Colt 1911, multiple failures. lack of lube. Gun was bone dry.

    Ar15, magazine (65 round promag drum) would not feed. Gun ran fine with a 30 round mag

    Ar15, double feeds. Shooter refused help, gun seemed to sort itself out

    Several mossberg .22 semis. Was unable to assist shooters. Malfunctions seemed to be feed related, judging by dents left on unfired rounds

    7.62 ar15. Bolt stuck oob, twice

    .308 ar, locked up solid (crazy ass gun)

    Ak micro draco, forend screw completely stripped out

    Savage .223 3 light primer strikes

    S&W sd9 or whatever. Rounds often but not always failed to extract. Possible issue with extractor tension.

    Old pump action .22 round fed improperly, jamed up action

    Beretta px4 storm. Gun would fail to eject and fail to feed.

    Nameless deer rifle. Missing extractor, shooter was firing the wrong ammo

    Nameless deer rifle #2. Nosler .30-06 was having major pressure issues. Had to use a mallet to open the bolt

    .300 blk AR. Gun store sold him a .300blk gun and 5.56 ammo

    10/22 assorted failures, judging by the thunderbolt boxes, ammo related

    Marlin 336. Action stuck. Gun was rusty action was lubed & beaten open

    S&w SD9VE Failure to go into battery action was lubed

    Ar15 trigger did not reset. Trigger spring was incorrect. Re-installed spring correctly

    Ar10 short stroking. Action lubed

    Bereta 92 feeding failures, needed lube

    Ar10 in .308. Box was marked .308, ammo was 6.5 CM.

    Ar10 in .308, action was stuck. Gun was lubricated

    Ar15 no lube

    Mini 14, bolt stuck back, no lube

    Ar15 failure to go into battery, gun was lubed

    Remington .270, stuck cases

    Marlin 60 stuck case

    Ar10, trigger failed to reset. No solution found

    Ar15 w/ elftman trigger, occasional failure to reset

    Ppq 9mm, stuck case

    Marlin 336, cartridge jumped out of tube, jamming the action

    Dsa fal, double feeds, ftrtb, stuck case

    Mosin, stuck follower

    Mini 14, shooter rode CH

    Remy 7400, wrong ammo

    Sporterized gew 98. Attempted bolt close on chambered round

    Ruger ar556's, multiple failures w/ wolf

    AR10, adj. Gas block was on wrong setting

    Remington 870, lifter wouldn't bring shells up enough

    Mossberg 500, gun unlocked under recoil, not feeding a round when action was run

    Savage pump 12ga, lifter would just not lift a shell. Possibly caused by red dot mount/side saddle.

    Remington 7400, mag was rusted almost solid, caused feeding issues

    Sig P365, FTRTB. Gun was dry, tw25b helped some

    1911, squib

    Galil .308, stuck case

    Ar .300 blk stuck case

    Iwi jericho failure to feed first round

    Fn bar double feed

    M1 Garand, rifle didn't lock back on last shot, despite ejecting clip

    M1 carbine (universal) shooter rode CH home

    S&w? .22lr rifle round stuck in internal feed block

    S&w shield, no lube

    Glock w suppressor, ftrtb

    S&W .45lc, cylinder was extremely difficult to close

    XD9, limp wrists by new shooters

    Ar15, stuck round. Bad reloads

    Sig p2022, new shooter limp wristed

    Double stack 1911, ftrtb

    Ar15 double feed

    Sig 556 wrong gas setting

    S&w m&p 9 shield, stuck case of tula/assorted failures due to attempted use of .380 in a 9mm

    G17 gen 2 ftrtb

    Ar10 homebuild, shooter rode CH home

    Ruger ar556, new shooters causing double feeds

    Walther p22, possible limp wrist? Other shooter had less trouble w/ gun. Shooter shot a glock fine. Could just be an issue with the gun.

    Glock 26 gen 3, various failures, double feeds. possible combo of new shooter, no lube on gun, and bad ammo. New shooter would attempt to clear malfunctions, only to cause a double feed. Other shooter ran gun fine, new shooter had better luck with different ammo

    H&R 150, ftrtb

    M1 carbine, double feeds. Universal was in rough shape, missing parts

    M1 carbine illegal AOW, front sight came off, handguard fell off, various failures

    6.5G ar15, stuck case, broken extractor

    1911, failures to fire.

    SAI M1A, ftrtb

    Ar10, shooter rode CH home

    6.5G ar15, stuck case.

    Single shot .22, stuck cases

    Walther pps, ftx with win forged

    S&w .500, stuck cylinder

    Ruger p85 limp wrist by new shooter

    1911 ftrtb/ftfe

    Hi standard .22lr. Bolt would not cycle with aguila

    6.5G ar15, factory hornady had stuck unfired case, case extracted but left bullet in bore

    S&w sigma limp wrist

    1911 ejected case flipped around, fed into the chamber.

    Marlin model 60 failure to eject

    Ar15, light primer strikes, hammer spring upside down

    Ruger American 9mm stuck case of win forged

    Taurus pt22, gun would not cycle despite firing

    870, two followers in tube, one that butted up against rounds was backwards

    Ak, double feed

    Marlin/mossberg .22, case head seperation

    Ar15, super stuck case

    870, ft eject. Gun was ceracoated, probably improperly done

    M1D Garand, gun would not cycle clips

    Ar15, double feed, canted rear sght caught brass, saftey had the wrong spring

    Glock of some sort, new shooter caused limp wrists and FTRTB

    1911, ft fire

    C96, various failures, gun needed lube

    Sig 320 stuck case winchester forged

    Cabelas sold shooter a .300blk ar (no easily seen markings) and 5.56 ammo

    S&w ez .380 double feed

    1911 FTRTB

    Issc .22 stuck case of thunderbolt

    XD failure to go into battery

    Ar15 5.56 backwards primer

    Ar15 5.56, case rim ripped off by extractor

    1911 .38 super, ftrtb

    Taurus mellinium .40, ftrtb

    Thompson "clone" bad mags double feeds and stovepipes

    1911 multiple failures w/ steel case ammo

    Ar15, cases were difficult to extract

    Ar15, RE unscrewed, buffer ret & spring popped out

    Ar15 poly lower, RE incorrectly threaded, pinned BCG

    Hi point C9, ft feed

    Ruger p89 .40 gun badly in need of lube

    Century FAL, OOB with tula

    Sig P938, went full auto

    Sig p2022, stuck case with winchester forged

    Ar15, buffer detent loose in FCG pocket locking up trigger

    SKS, went full auto, probably due to fiting pin length

    Ar10, short stroking, gun needed lube

    Ar15, stovepipes caused by shooter blocking the ejection port

    Mossberg .223 bolt action that takes AR mags, gun would not pick up rounds from an amend2 magazine

    Beretta 92, gun would short stroke every other round. Was fixed by lubing

    Springfield xd, ftrtb, gun was fixed by lubticating it

    Ar15, gas tube incorrectly installed, making the BCG unable to lock into battery

    Lack of lube is a common cause of malfunctions. Run your guns wet.
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  10. A & P

    A & P Active Member

    Aug 4, 2014
    And this is why I could never pass my CHL test. 5 shot string in 15 seconds? Not if I have to take it apart and clean it every time I fire it!

    Maybe it's a bad translation from the original Austrian.

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