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Sicario ****

Discussion in 'Rants and Raves' started by Ole Cowboy, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. Ole Cowboy

    Ole Cowboy TGT Addict

    May 23, 2013
    17 Oaks Ranch
    Action ... Sicario is a movie starring Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin, and Benicio Del Toro.

    Pros: Timely movie since the hot topic is Immigration. Takes place in El Paso and Juarez, Mex.

    INTENSE! Good action, did not see anyone shooting a pistol that was called a 45 because it shot 45 times before your reloaded it. Night vision scenes were good. Never had to ask my wife what it was about or what going on, makes sense, easy to follow.

    Brolin and El Toro play their parts well!

    Cons: Not sure what role Emily Blunt plays in it. In real world, she would have got the boot on day one, in fact the movie would have been a better movie without her. But you can write her off to being an FBI agent and we know about the FBI, not exactly team players her and her side kick the black FBI agent. Neither added to it.

    Solid 4 Stars, could have gone 4.5 maybe even a 5 bullet had Blunt got killed off real early.

    iTunes rental $3.99

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  2. sharkey

    sharkey Well-Known

    Feb 25, 2013
    Hoping I can see Sicario 2 this weekend. Blunt is needed as the staunch agent that plays by the rules. She don't know what she don't know.

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  3. MikePotts

    MikePotts Active Member Lifetime Member

    Oct 20, 2010
    Hill Country
    The fist "Sicario" is one of my favourite films :)
  4. Jigo23

    Jigo23 Member

    Jun 3, 2015
    Liked the first one a lot, was hoping her character would be in the sequel. Woulda been interesting to see her wake up to the reality that no kind of war is pretty or black and white in terms of “rules”.
    Hoping to see the 2nd one soon though.
  5. Jakashh

    Jakashh TGT Addict

    Jun 30, 2010
    Sugar Land
    Liked sicario one.

    Not sure how I feel about soldado. I somewhat liked it, but it didn't seem necessary.
  6. SQLGeek

    SQLGeek Will work for 10mm TGT Supporter

    Sep 22, 2017
    Kinda spoiler....

    That shootout at the border checkpoint is so very well done. They built the suspense up into quite the crescendo.
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  7. majormadmax

    majormadmax TGT Addict

    Aug 27, 2009
    San Antonio!
    I enjoyed the first movie quite a bit, and concur about Emily Blunt, she added nothing to the first movie other than looking like an inept FBI agent. Her partner was equally useless to the plot.

    Brolin and Del Toro made the first movie great, and I suspect they will do the same in the second.
  8. FireInTheWire

    FireInTheWire RealEyes Realize RealLies TGT Supporter

    Jan 22, 2018
    Big Country
    One of my all time favorites. I liked Blunt's character and that it added contrast to the movie. If it wasn't there it'd be yahoo's shooting yahoo's. She's the fresh meat, by the book who doesn't know what the heck is going on, agent. Stepping into a world unfamiliar... not realizing the reality of fighting fire with fire. Not only that... they used her for bait. They used her inexperience against her to get what they wanted.... I dunno.. I just liked the movie all around.
  9. Low_Speed

    Low_Speed Member

    Nov 25, 2010
    The first one was great! It told a story from beginning to end. The second felt like a very incomplete movie. This one felt like they with bad story telling or they decided during filming that they were going to break it into two parts. But I had a feeling about it because they changed the name of the movie three times since last year.

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  10. Jakashh

    Jakashh TGT Addict

    Jun 30, 2010
    Sugar Land
    I watched a YT vid that argued that she was the real villian of Sicario, as she refused to understand that you cant follow the rules when fighting the cartel, as that will get you nowhere. Alejandro tried to fight them the legal way when he was a prosecutor, and look what that did to him. He adapted and learned that he had to play dirty, whereas she refuses to see that.

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