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So this Colt walks into a range..

Discussion in 'Handguns' started by pistolpadre, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. pistolpadre

    pistolpadre Well-Known

    Feb 25, 2013
    come on.. that was funny..

    Great trip.. renewed my membership to shooters world, which is by far the best range i've ever been to.. well staffed three sealed off range area's (one for rifles) good ventilation and lighting.. fast target pulls. i can honestly say there is not one thing about the range that isn't first class.. The staff (and plenty of them) do not allow any super rapid full mag "running", but do encourage, and advise on double taps, and tap rack procedures.. and this is just range patrol staff, not class room $ stuff..

    yesterday was revolver day for me.. took the L frame that's my primary home defense piece (night stand stuff) at one time i had pulled the rear sight to experiment with using front sight only for fast DA stuff.. that worked, but we're having a "guys range day" in a couple of weeks, and this means "Dad" has to be on the money and shoot the lights out or get kidded about it big time.. sorta family bragging rights type of deal.. so the rear sights had to go back on and readjusted ..

    i dialed the L's sights in first and there's one small (very happy with it) group close to the 5 o'clock if you rotate the target to vertical.. this was the final shot placement.. there's also one group on the center target. (i had left this open for the Colt) it's the first group from the old girl.. and use the 1" reference marks to get an idea of the size, and whats as important the POI which is not always the POA on any fixed sight gun.. this really pleased me.. very little percieved recoil... horrible old sights, but as stated on the money.. here's whats neat.. i'm going to have to take both guns to the range again to decide which one i want to shoot our "match" with.. the old Colt is that good ..

    NOTES: i only shot that one group (all groups were 5 round of course) with the Colt.. and the other one circled with the L.. all were at 15 yds.. the balance was either DA stuff, dialing in the Smith, or when i let the guys shooting next to me fire the Colt..

    note 2:.. Pard.. promise no more kidding about bubble baths if ya roll me some more Padre Plinkers..

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  2. txbikerman

    txbikerman TGT Addict

    Jul 10, 2013
    very nice padre,
  3. Southpaw

    Southpaw SUPER OWNER TGT Supporter

    Mar 30, 2009
    Shooter's World.. That brings back a few memories. I haven't been there many years, but that place was pretty awesome.
  4. Vaquero

    Vaquero Pre-ban Staff Member Admin

    Apr 4, 2011
    Out West
    I gotta admit, I had no idea what to say after the big belly, hint o mint debacle.

    Just truly speechless.

    I'll get yer plinkers going.
  5. pistolpadre

    pistolpadre Well-Known

    Feb 25, 2013
    you forgot about Zanfir and the pan flutes..

    yep, going to be ready for both the PP's and the 45's.. stop shaking before you do the loading ..

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