STI Eagle 5.0 9mm 2011 - Double Stack 1911 Review


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May 29, 2017
Austin, TX

I've always wanted a really good 1911, but I wanted something that was in my price range and somewhat unique. I looked at a Colt National Match for its unrivaled bluing and heritage, but I just wasn't happy with the product. It was loose and had frankly had a shitty trigger. I had already owned a Kimber, and while it was a good gun, I wanted the next step up. That's where I found the STI 2011.

Originally I was put off by the double-stack 1911 by handling a Para. It was like holding a brick in my hand, akin to a Glock 21 after Thanksgiving dinner, and honestly ... I wanted an American 1911. After getting the chance to shoot an Eagle 5.0 (thanks Stephen), and a suppressed Tactical 4.15 (thanks Chris), I was definitely hooked. The size was seemingly just right for my hand, and even better... it was a TEXAN 1911.

Made a phone call to Robert at Talon Arms, and a few days later, I was the proud owner of a new STI.

In the past week I've managed, with some help from friends, to run about 700 rounds through the gun. The more and more I shoot it, the more and more I love this thing.

Specs & Features

The Eagle has a CNC milled forged steel sub-frame with a rigid polymer grip. The slide is a traditional blued finish, CNC milled piece, and is hand-fitted to the frame.

Slides during the Manufacturing Process

Sub-Frame Evolution.

Trigger weight is approx. 4 lbs with a crisp break, and has the standard lightweight curved trigger. Options include a gunsmith trigger blank, or a flat trigger if you so choose.

Sights are adjustable target sights from STI. Optional, and a future upgrade for me, are Dawson fiber optic sights.

The frame has a standard polymer magwell that is pinned for easy removal and is blended into the grip. You have the option of an aluminum or stainless magwell from STI that I dub the "Black Hole". Unfortunately the "Black Hole" does not fit in the IDPA box.

The slide to frame fit is perfect. You could not improve this if you tried. To experience it's smoothness, cover yourself in a latex suit, apply copious amounts of a water-based lubricant and dive onto a freshly waxed marble floor. Someone put it best when they said it was like it was on ball-bearings.

The hammer is a lightweight commander style cut, and the Eagle has a factory ambidextrous safety.

Because the Eagle is a double-stack it has a nice capacity. The standard magazine hold 17 rounds, and there are increased length magazines available from STI that increase the capacity to 20 rounds and 26 rounds. Ten round magazines are available for those of you that live in those certain states that believe the 11th round is the enriched thermonuclear heat seeking babykiller.

Range Report and Shooting

That's a 17 round group at 7 yards with Blazer Brass. The diamond in the center is 1" in width. This is done standing, slow cadence.

This is simply a one-hole gun, even with cheap range ammo. I can't imagine what this thing would do with a standardized hand load. The trigger is light and crisp, like you'd expect from a good 1911. The trigger is also very consistent, something I've come to notice from some lighter triggers is a seemingly inconsistent or sluggish feel at the breaking point. My Kimber was a classic example of this, as it had about 1 - 1.5mm of creep before the shot actually broke. Just about everyone that has shot this STI has commented, even been surprised, by the crisp break of the trigger.

The 9mm in a full size 1911 really makes for a soft recoil, considerably softer than any polymer framed gun I've owned, including my HK P30 and Glock 17L.

I've been exceptionally consistent with this gun. Mainly due to the fact that it retains a common 1911 grip angle, and feel. The platform really just works for me, and the stippling on the grip is aggressive which gives good feedback and control.

When the gun got pretty dirty I had an occasional failure to extract. I've since cleaned the gun, and haven't had a chance to test it. I expect it was due to a dirty chamber as the extractor has plenty of tension.



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Feb 21, 2008
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Travis likes! Travis would like even better if Alan would give Travis his 2011. ;) In all seriousness though, I absolutely LOVE this gun. The double stack grip feels GREAT. It feels considerably better than any double stack steel-framed 1911 I've held. Definitely not a 2x4 grip like the G21. ;) As far as the recoil, it is very very minimal. Certainly less than a G17, G17L, G34, P30, P99, or any other polymer frame gun I can think of. The trigger was incredibly nice as well. Nothing beats a good old 1911 trigger.


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May 28, 2008
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STI "Eagle" 6.0

Has been ordered through Shooters Connection (Chuck). Should be here by April 09. The lead times are going out, mine was quoted at 10 weeks, but reviesed to 14 weeks.


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Feb 21, 2008
Austin, TX
If you guys like this, you won't believe the review that should be up fairly soon. :cool: All I will say is STI rules. Being a Texan company as well, they rule harder than anyone else by default. ;)


Oct 17, 2008
Round Rock
STI's are just so darned tempting. Nice gun and nice review. I have never had a chance to handle one of STI's double stacks. I would love a high cap 1911, but the Para I handled and shot was definitely not going to work with my small hands. How does the grip compare to say a G21SF. My G21SF fits well enough... not perfect, but it works.


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Feb 21, 2008
Austin, TX
I'll ask Alan to take some measurements of the grip size and circumference Taz. I'll say this much, it's definitely not bigger than a regular G21 grip. Honestly, I really can't remember how it compares to the G21SF. It doesn't feel significantly larger or smaller, so I'm sure it's similar sized. Even if it is in fact similar sized, due to the different grip shape and angle, IMO it feels considerably better than a G21 or G21SF. YMMV.


Nov 26, 2008
Texas Hill Country
TAZ - If you think an STI is tempting when you don't have one, wait until you do. I got an Eagle 6.0 in .45 several months ago and after the first range trip I was thinking about which model to get next. What everyone says about the fit, the trigger, and the smoothness of the action are all true. What really blew me away was how wickedly accurate the gun is. I've now got an Edge in 9mm on order and my wife wants to replace her CZ 83 with an STI Guardian.



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