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Stoeger Cougar Range Report

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  • photofreeman

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    Jan 12, 2009
    Recently came across the Stoeger Cougar 9mm. Salesguy says its the Beretta Cougar only Stoeger does not make it for Beretta since Beretta bought them out. They moved production to Turkey and he further claimed they now produce the same gun for about half the original price. $399
    The wife loved the feel and the big yet compactness of it, so she bought it. I don't think much of 9mm. I like .45's.
    So we go to the range and I shoot the first 16 rounds, all dead on, the POA is the POI. Sweet. She pops off another 175 or so rounds while I watched and smiled. She was having fun. Later I took it out for a 200 round test. Who can trust a Turkish gun? I do now. That's the sweetest shooting 9mm I have ever held.
    Its a traditional SA/DA.The action is a bit different in that the barrel rotates back but does not tip up like most. Supposed to add to accuracy and I believe it does.
    If you are considering a 9mm then this should be on your consideration list at any price. And again it makes wives happy.


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    Jul 11, 2008
    San Antone
    Who can trust a Turkish gun? I do now. That's the sweetest shooting 9mm I have ever held.

    That was me you just heard shouting "Amen!" I've had my Stoeger Cougar 8000 about three weeks. It is without question the sweetest shooting nine I've ever fired. My wife loves it, and she shoots very well with it.

    My last trip to the range with it was especially gratifying. I not only shot better than I've shot it previously, but two "test batches" of my 9mm reloads proved to be just what the doctor ordered! I may need to buy another one of these big cats so me and "the little woman" don't fight over who gets to shoot this one... It is really a sweet pistol and one that I anticipate enjoying for a long time!

    'pumped, stoked, and jacked up!'


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    Feb 4, 2009
    Stoeger bought all the machinery from beretta and strated makin their own copy. Awesome guns shoot with the price to boot!

    I'm pretty sure it is the other way around. Beretta bought the Stoeger name and started building the original Cougar in Turkey at a reduced cost of labor. The "Stoeger" name is also used on various shotguns etc.

    Beretta owns several company names that that are used on firearms built outside of Italy.
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