Suggestions/info/input on AR gas piston system?

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  • Shooter McGavin

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    Jul 26, 2012
    Free Texas
    Howdy fellas, I'm starting another AR build and I'm gonna go with a piston system this round. From the research I've done thus far it would appear as though Adam Arms has the more recommended piston set up. I will be purchasing the barrel, upper receiver, and piston system all separately so I'll be starting with a clear slate. However I'm curious if anybody has already been down this road and can offer any advice.
    Would anyone recommend another company over Adam Arms for the piston system?
    Mainly I'm uncertain on whether to go with carbine or a mid-length piston set up on the "16 barrel or if it makes two chits either way?
    My second concern is the quality of the kits BCG, I can modify a BCG of my choosing to work with the system or purchase their BCG with the kit. I'm not sure on how the quality is compared to say Bravo Company, Daniel Defense, or Colt.
    And finally, I'd really like to run a nice light weight, slick, free-float tube but from what I've read the gas block creates a clearence issue with your average for end, so any recommendations with that would be nice.
    Sure do appreciate any input, thank ya much!


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    Mar 28, 2008
    I briefly looked at piston systems after having a look at a PWS MK110 SBR 10.75". If you want the best gas piston system, look at HK. $$$$$$$$
    I don't know Adams Arms but PWS seemed to get decent nods. There's not a whole lot of info though. Wish I could offer better opinion though. Edit: running through some AA threads, they seem positive and have good reviews.

    It might easier to stick with the BCG that comes with the upper or kit. They'd be made for each other and takes out some risk. But if you go the individual route, look at SionicsWeapons. They have BCM/Colt/DD quality BCGs at a screaming price. Sionics is a newer company but they build mil-spec weapons like BCM/DD. Just bought some parts from them too and plan to go back. What sealed it for me is the people that have used and vouched for their rifles, their opinion as an armorer instructor I heed, hands down. My plan on my build I was going to use a BCM BCG, but Sionics has it for $40 cheaper right now. Heck, look at the specs: Bolt Carrier Group - HP & MPI Tested - NP3 Coated - SIONICS Weapon Systems

    No idea about the rail. If I were you be certain to ask if the models you want will be compatible with gas piston. I mentioned PWS up there. Here's the link if you want to see the components it uses: MK1, Mod 1 Rifle, 10.75in Barrel, .223 Wylde, Triad 556 - (NFA) Short Barreled Rifles

    For the buffer & spring, I'd initially start with a carbine and Hbuffer and standard carbine spring and go from there. If you want to get really dialed in, consider looking at Springco's offering and recommendations for springs. Sprinco USA, Recoil Reducers
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    Jan 17, 2011
    Republic of Texas
    Its a solution for a problem, that doesn't exist. I never have ar 15 problems, just keep it wet and it runs.

    There are problems that exist with DI guns, mainly a lot of gas blow-back when running a suppressor. Yes, there are good reasons to do it.

    (Also, the gun runs cleaner so you don't have to 'just keep it wet' as much. :) )
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