Susan Sarandon. Here we go again!


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Feb 23, 2008
San Antonio
Susan Sarandon Vows To Emigrate If John McCain Wins Election

By WENN, 31st May 2008
SUSAN SARANDON has vowed to quit America with her longterm partner TIM ROBBINS if Republican JOHN McCAIN wins November's (08) presidential election.
The actress is rooting for Democrat contender Barack Obama, and is packing her bags in case he or party rival Hillary Clinton don't replace George W. Bush in the White House.
She says, "It's a critical time, but I have faith in the American people."
Sarandon also defends her support of Obama as opposed to Clinton, telling the New York Post, "I thought the whole point of feminism is that you're not supposed to be defined by gender. I don't understand the reasoning behind that, because I wouldn't vote for (U.S. Secretary of State) Condoleezza Rice, and I hated (former British prime minister) Margaret Thatcher."

We can put this in the "I-don't-give-a-damn" file because it's nothing but an empty promise that will end up the way Alec Baldwin's and Robert Redford's promises ended up. Why do these celebrities threaten to leave the country if they don't get their way? Do they actually think people will take them seriously and use these idle threats in their voting equation? These promises are tantamount to an uppity, elitist temper tantrum. My only reply to her and Tim Robbins is why wait? I've got my truck ready and I'll help you pack. Sayonara you stinkin' b!t@h!
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Apr 14, 2008
It amazes me that the media prints the opinions of these folks. The story sells because they are "famous", and I guess a mass of idiots place value on their silly uneducated comments, not becuase these folks know anything about what they are talking about.

Susan sweetie... no one really cares about your opinion or if you leave. Buh-by!


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Feb 29, 2008
I think it's been shown that most media celebrities are hypocritical "issueheads" that care more about publicity than whatever causes they so publicly embrace.
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