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  • Paradude

    New Member
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    Oct 22, 2008
    I know this is a gun site but I also collect sword's.What do you guy's have?Here are some of my samarai and civil war replica's.


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    May 25, 2008
    State of Texas allows me to carry a concealed handgun with 30+ extra rounds in spare mags, but won't let me carry a concealed sword.

    I think canes are still quite fashionable and would like to have the $$ to build my swordcane collection.

    My collection includes:

    The finest swordcane on the market, a Burger MarkIV with titanium head:

    I intend to add a Cold Steel heavy duty swordcane, but since swordcanes are about as legal to carry as an unlicensed machinegun, I have one of their City Sticks. It is very intimidating and I used it to roust some rabble while touring in Guatemala. It's wonderful to carry it when my pistol is not allowed.

    Cold Steel Voyager
    SOG Flash Tanto
    Hideaway Knife, Utility Model
    Cold Steel City Stick


    Meal Protection for the Sirloin (rare with grilled Poblano, Red Bell Pepper and Onion), asparagus, and baked potato washed down with a Curtis Heritage Cuvée:

    SIG P239 9mm with spare mag
    Cold Steel Recon
    Beretta Model 20 in .25
    Cutco Steak Knife


    Protecting the homemade carrot cake with Blue Bell ice cream and Sauterne dessert wine (L to R:)

    Berger Mk IV swordcane
    K. Adkins custom 90 degree Tanto folder
    Noname kubotan spike
    Beretta Model 70S .22 (sweeter than the dessert)


    I have quite a few more knives and another sword or two, but no photos.
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