Take a look at my sights on my Whisper


Feb 16, 2009
Front one is an Aimpoint Comp 4 behind it is a PVS14 night vision monocular. As you see it, it's set up to use the NV with the Aimpoint. During day light the rear NV comes off. From what I noticed my 3X NV magnifier could be mounted onto the Aimpoint with the right addapter.

Oh cool, I'm guessing the aimpoint is just a red dot and no magnification? I couldnt find the Comp 4 on the Aimpoint site, so I'm unsure of the specs.


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Jul 16, 2008
A very good friend of mine gave me a John's Guns (original version).308 suppressor. I just sent the paper work off along with a John's Guns 77/22 & a MKII pistol. Sweet deal for just the tax stamps!

Cool! Would love to see pics of all three when you are done.
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