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The Safariland 568...A Review.

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  • ReVrEnD_0341

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    Feb 22, 2008
    Austin, TX
    Ladies and gents, for this discussion we will be talking about the Safariland 568-54 "custom fit" paddle holster.

    For $37 at Academy, I couldn't pass it up. Classic Safariland good looks, and cheap to boot. I've had this holster for quite a while now. Let's get this show on the road...


    This nicely stitched suede/leather/kydex holster will hold a wide variety of weapons. The front sight ridge is kydex reinforced, and is the total length of the depth of the holster. Even though this holster is only 4.5" long in the body, I have used a full size 5" Springfield 1911 in it many times without the front sight grabbing on the bottom of the holster, ever.

    From the front sight ridge we move along to a nice, supple leather main body of sturdy black leather. Feels good to the touch, and is rather hard to scratch or damage.

    On the trailing edge of the face of the holster is another kydex reinforced section with two hex key scews. With these screws you can tighten up, or loosen the holsters initial grip on the weapon. It is easy, and works well.


    Continuing on to the rear, we have our last level of fitment for the weapon in the holster. This is another hex key screw, and it adjusts the level of slop of the weapon both forward and backward in the holster.


    Looking into the mouth of the holster you can see that the hex key screw the you adjusted in the last picture operates a lever inside the retention system. This lever has a plastic/delrin/kydex/ or what have you wheel that rotates as you holster your weapon. It is very smooth in operation, and has not marred or scratched any weapon I have had in this holster.

    The inside of the entire holster, sans lever and wheel, is completely covered in a nice and soft suede to protect the weapon from scratches and holster wear. It is soft to the touch, and allows for a very smooth draw.


    On to the back face of the holster. The paddle is a nicely formed injection molded peice that is just flexible enough to operate, yet stiff enough to do it's job. It is seccured to the holster by 2 hex key screws.

    The belt hook is a single solid peice of kydex, and is seccured by a sinle phillips head screw.

    The max/best belt fitment of this holster is on a 1.5" belt. It takes a second to get the belt hook to pop under a 1.5" belt, but after it is in place, the holster is set and seccure.


    From the front, while being worn, you can see that the holster is not real tight to the body. With the distance the weapon sits from the body, clothing doesn't really get in the way of your draw stroke.


    From the side view as worn, you can see that the holster has a nice cant forward. This allows for a smooth and easy draw stroke with any weapon that is placed in this holster. You can see that the holster completely covers the trigger and trigger guard.


    And a rear view for posterity. Nothing to say here.

    As far as retntion goes. You can be as tight or loose as you want with this holster. From flopping around everywhere, to so tight you can't pull on your weapon hard enough to get it out. But once you set the retention screws, they do not move until you move them with the hex key. Very well thought out system

    As a general personal feeling I am not a big fan of paddle holsters. However I see that there can be a need for one from time to time.

    Even though Safariland totes this as a concealable holster, it is not, but can be. Suit jackets are not kind with this holster as they tend to stick out all around the holster. While using a 5" barreled weapon with this holster, winter jackets that end around the belt line are a no go. The end of the barrel will stick out. Now if someone were to wear a Duster, Trench Coat, Parka, or another heavy long coat, this holster can be concealed.

    I bought this holster for it's inherant speed. It is very quick to don and dof. If I am not wearing a weapon on my hip already and need to run out and do some stuff on the ranch, or just out walking around the place, it is easy to utilize.

    As far as comfort goes... It is as comfortable as a paddle holster can be. For a limited time, comfort is not a problem. However I have suffered some 14 hour days with this holster on. It is not great, and can cause blisters to pop up, but it is doable.

    As a short term holster for quick jants here and there, I give this holster a 10 out of 10

    As an all day wear holster I have to give this holster a 3 out of 10. Can be done, but you don't have that warm fuzzy at the end of the day. Comfort is the only issue I have.

    I think that about sums it up folks. If you have any questions, comments, concerns about this holster, lets have 'em. If there is a need for more pictures, just let me know. And please, lets keep the discussion solely to this holster, and only the holster. Sorry for the weird lighting. Something is going wonky with all my lighting. Can't seem to get it to stay the same.


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    Jun 22, 2009
    welfare tx
    i just bought one today for my sig, i'll wear it tomorrow and see how it works. my concern is the screws seem to jut out quite a bit from the holster, any suggestions? thanks
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