Three Crux .30 Suppressors on a .223 compared.

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    Three Crux .30 Suppressors on a .223 compared.

    Disclaimer. This video is not a scientific experiment. It's just a few of us commenting on how three different .30 Crux suppressors sounded to us at the Impact zone when used on a 223. Enjoy. The final conclusion was that the Archangel and Arc were almost identical in sound signature. The Nemesis was loud, but we felt it would be usable for one or two rounds in a hunting situation

    Three Crux .30 cal Suppressors on a 20" .223 Ark 7.5", Archangel 9.25" and the 6" Nemesis. The 6" was louder but good for hunting.

    We used the POF P-308 and kopfjager-industries reaper grip as a spotter.

    Custom Remington 700. Evelio McDonald built this masterpeice. 20ā€ Shilen 4-groove ratchet 1:8ā€, Defiance bolt stop, Badger mini tactical bolt knob, Bell & Carlson M40 stock, Seekins Precision bipod rail, Atlas bipod, NF 3.5-15x56, Leupold mounts and Jewell trigger.

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    The Crux cans with their massively strong mono-core innards can handle pretty much anything that will fit through the hole.

    I have a Crux Saxon 9mm.

    It has the charming ability to make very loud rounds that are most certainly NOT hearing safe reasonably "quiet" and allowing us to shoot a round or two at game with no hearing protection.

    I've put a .338 Lapua round through the little 7.5 inch can and it's still darn loud but nothing compared to the filling-loosening monstrous concussion of the unsuppressed .338 Lapua with the factory muzzle brake.

    I have my 270WSM out getting threaded right now. Will be loud but not bone jarring loud.

    For grins I shot my 17HMR through the Crux can and it's super quiet except, of course, for the inescapable sonic crack.

    Nice demo to show how suppressor volume and baffle count matters.
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    Iā€™m a fan of the Crux cans I have.

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