Tips From the Tundra

Jack Ryan

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Aug 22, 2016
Guess its a little late for this year, but ya may still want to keep these in mind come the next frosty day.

Here is a tip from the tundra.
If you don't normally need to prepare for hard freezes like ya'll suffered recently. KNOWLEDGE OF HOW to deal, can still save ya.
Straw/hay bales, stack 'em about the foundation to keep the crawlspace warm. Do the same for mobile homes. It isn't a forever thing, it IS a "Dear Lord just get me through this time and I PROMISE I'll be good from now on!"
Another good one, get a dozen of those plug in electric heat tapes to keep pipes warm and enough swim noodles with the hole through the middle to cover 'em all up and hold it against the pipe. Just plug 'em in at Thanks giving and unplug them come Easter.


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Feb 13, 2015
Rural Wise County, TX.
Full commie or open rebellion, I don't see a good near term. Maybe they'll be able to boil the frog til we're in old folks homes, but I can see there being a spark before too long.

Prep a little; it doesn't hurt

People are Desperate for a Peaceful Solution and I Understand That. But the Deep State has Seized Power and Will Remain in Power by any Means Necessary.
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