Training classes?

Hey everyone.... I am looking for some handgun training. Does anybody know or attended any local (Austin, Waco) Pistol classes.. I am coming in from Kuwait in June and would like to take a weekend class, possible with family...

Thanks for the Help..

And thanks for the FORUM....

Well I Guess if I would have click on the sponsors link before I posted I would have saved time.... Any place else???


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Feb 21, 2008
Austin, TX
The Blackstone Group is located in Austin and they offer CHL classes, though I'm not sure how often. Their class was a bit expensive at ~$125, compared to the typical ~$75-100 I've usually seen. Though they are a good group of guys, most of them ex LE/Military (some current) and they offered a bit more than the average class as well which was more than worth the price IMO. It's always nice to here advice from people who have been in many situations before. I'd highly recommend them. I've heard of many CHL instructors that just teach you the legal minimum. I took my CHL class through these guys and they discussed quite a few other things such as OODA loops, various tactics, etc.


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Mar 6, 2008
Hey A44mag4dave if its a CHL class you might think of going to the guy I used he is only 120 and does everything .
here is the contact info.

James Schubert
830-839-4571 HM
512-284-0339 Cell
he is located in Rosanky TX.

he is a good guy

for handgun training you might try KR training
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