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TSRA Annual Meeting Feb 28 - Mar 1

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  • Old Man of the Mountain

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    Jan 5, 2009
    There was some price gouging, but not on every table.

    The same type that sold guns to the Indians, knowing what they were going to do with them, are the exact same type who are price gouging today.

    What I saw and heard at the TSRA Gunshow:

    An AK priced under $500.

    An AR pistol under $300.

    Saiga 12 ga. mags, 12 round polymer, $65.

    A Krag for $550.

    A used Beretta semi auto shotgun for $350.

    An AR for $900.

    .308 German NATO 200 round battle packs for $125.

    Hodgdon gun powder in one pound containers for under $20.

    A Saiga 12 ga. semi auto magazine feed shotgun for $600.

    Brass cased 7.62 X 39 mm, box of 20 for $5.

    New Remington 700 bolt action .308 polymer stock rifles for under $600.

    Savage bolt action rifles for under $450.

    New 8 round Mossberg 12 ga. pump shotguns under $300, semi autos about $650.

    Lots of ammo, lots of semi auto rifles, lots of semi auto pistols.

    Safes and holsters for vehicles.

    Hand tooled leather holsters and gun belts.

    Some of the most unique engraved revolvers and lever action rifles you have ever seen.

    A lot of custom built highly accurate long range rifles.

    Extremely beautiful examples of gorgeous Texas Ladies!

    I got there early before opening and there was already a line, so that gave me some extra time to talk to folks.

    The place was packed!

    I met some families that had come to the gunshow that obviously knew nothing at all about any type of firearm, but brought money to get a few before the magic Mulatto performs his disappearing act.

    Never heard one single positive comment of the Washington Government, or the black Messiah!

    If you join the Texas State Rifle Association, or renew your membership, admission is free, and the renewal fee is $5 dollars off at the show, being only $20, which includes the monthly magazine, a gun calender, a hat, a pin, and some other stuff, and the knowledge that you did a good deed for Texas!

    I spoke to a lot of people at the gunshow, as usual, and every single one is in favor of insisting that the Federal Government recognize the fact that we are the Republic of Texas, and we left their union long ago!

    God bless Texas!
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