Tulsa Gun Show Next Weekend!


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Mar 12, 2008
Austin, TX
The best gun show in the world is next weekend! The Wanemacher's Tulsa Arms Show will be held on November 8-9. It is apporoximatly 3,900 tables in one 11 acre room. Please go to there web site @ www.tulsaarmsshow.com for more information. If you were planning to go and have never gone, I have some advice. First, go Friday and spend the night. Get up early if you want a parking space, if you are late you will have to park away from the building and get bused in, not as bad as you may think. Wear really good walking shoes! And finally, if you see it and want it, buy it. Trying to go back to 'that row', 'up back there' will get you fustrated :banghead:. Come by and see me at tables 10 LA 3,4.
Michael Payne

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