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Unexplainable (aka new shooter)......... (Pic Intensive...56K warning)

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  • juwaba98

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    May 9, 2008
    North Zulch, TX
    So I go down to the local funshop Monday with a little Christmas cash to get something for myself, thinking about a nice wheelgun or maybe a 1911. As I'm looking around I spot a couple of rifles that pique my interest but no real big warm and fuzzies coming along. So I decide to wait until another day and try again when I asked a simple question........ All I wanted to know is whether or not that was a G19 or G23 with the tag turned upside down. It was a G23 so no real interest there either, oh well toward the door I go. Then the owner's son pipes up I've got a G19 with night sights in the back if you wanna look at it. Great , here we go. So he pulls it out and my love affair with Glocks is renewed. This thing just points so well and the sight radius is perfect for me. My hands require something between it's grip length and a G17 but I don't like the G17's overall size. So then he decides that since I've bought several guns from him this year he'll sell it to me for the price of a standard sight model. At this point I'm losing all resolve not to buy another Glock (sold my G23 quite some time ago and never missed it). So we get to talking about extra mags and lo and behold he has several factory mags available as well, I can feel myself sliding closer and closer to the darkside. Then he says "and of course you'll need one of these" pulling out an Insight M6 laser/light combo. Great one more temptation and I'm done for.

    Package price? $800 out the door for NIB G19 w/factory night sights, 7 factory mags, and Insight M6 laser/light combo. Not too bad IMO.

    And I still can't believe I bought another Glock. I'm a Sig guy with a side of 1911 addiction. So this is what the dark side looks like, I think I kinda like it.

    Here are the pics -





    Hurley's Gold


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    Aug 15, 2008
    Clear Lake
    Speaking a a guy who carries a Glock G30, "Welcome to the dark side, we have cookies."
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