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Jan 21, 2013
Just for interest's sake, I'll bet there are all sorts of rare, interesting, or just down-right old firearms in the collections of many on this forum. If you're interested, please post the make, model, serial # range and date of manufacture with some proof to how you verified it's age. No prizes for being in possession of the oldest, just a little personal satisfaction. I'll start with apologies for lack of paragraphs, the forum's software compresses everything I write. I bet I have the oldest: Colt 1911 ser. # 186XXX built in 1917: The Colt Heritage book. Lee Enfield Short .22 Mk IV* built in 1915 as per the date stamped on the Knox form. SGW CAR 15 ser. #1XXX mid-'80's from the Olympic Arms website. Lee Enfield No.4 MkI built in 1941 as per the date stamped on the Knox form. John Inglis manufactured BHP Mk I* ser. # T1XXX Built in 1944.


Jan 27, 2013
an 1862 cap and ball, perhaps used in the Civil War (British made, Tower lock w/date and "Crown" stamped on it) - used to shoot it back in the 60s/70s but gave it to my Son (who, hopefully, still has it..) - it's around a .50cal - I used to mold the bullets (balls) and, of course, it's black powder.

very similar to this : http://relicman.com/weapons/zArchiveWeaponMusketEnfield.htm

(so far, I'm the winner.....)
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Jan 23, 2009
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1710 German flintlock pistol, validated via appraiser in Atlanta, GA.

Early 1700's Indian trade flintlock pistol, likely for tribal chief because of amount of silver and MOP inlay - exact date unable to certify by same appraiser.


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Feb 11, 2013
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1890's Nickel plated American Bulldog pistol in very good condition. Not sure if it's black powder .32, or S&W .32. Afraid to try it with a modern cartridge. This was the first handgun in my younger daughters collection.


Feb 19, 2013
Austin, TX
"Gurkha Martini" or "Nepalese Martini" or "Gehendra" 1880-1889?

View attachment 25183 View attachment 25184

Almost the oldest rifle I have. Handmade in Nepal in the late 1800s. Can't get an exact date, but they began manufacture in 1880 maybe earlier.

I have a Lebel dated 1889, but I don't have pictures of it at the moment. I also have a Martini long lever from 1870 but I haven't taken any pictures of that yet either. That would be the oldest one I know the exact age of.

I actually have a lot of photos of "old" guns on my blog, Ye Olde Gun Porn (Blog) , but those would be the oldest.

View attachment 25185 This is the oldest revolver I have a photo of. I also have a Webley in .455 dated 1917.
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