Wentworth Says Citizen Petitions Are Questionable

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    Wentworth Says Citizen Petitions Are Questionable

    Submitted by mikeford on Fri, 08/07/2009 - 9:50am.
    This afternoon I received a letter from Sen. Jeff Wentworth regarding his bill, SB 690, to raise the signature requirements from 5% to 10% for Texas Home-Rule City Charter Amendments.
    Sen. Wentworth introduced SB 690 because the real estate developer community wants to preserve the billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies it is currently leaching off of taxpayers in cities around Texas.
    Sen. Wentworth states in his letter that Texans are initiating elections "on issues that are questionable and carry little public support". Sen. Wentworth does not list examples --- NOT A SINGLE example.
    Nor does Wentworth quantify the costs he says he is so concerned about. Perhaps that is because compared to all other government expenditures
    ANY such costs are truly TINY.
    Further, there does not appear to be any evidence of the questionable activity Wentworth is alleging. In fact, if Sen. Wentworth believes what his letter says, he is being seriously misinformed. I wonder who is misinforming him?
    It may be time for Sen. Wentworth to furnish the details of just where in Texas all this "questionable" action by citizens is happening.
    Perhaps Sen. Wentworth will tell us:
    > The Questionable Issues
    > The Cities
    > The Dates
    > The Citizens raising the Questionable Issues
    > The Costs
    > His Analysis of Why each Issue is Trivial
    --Mike Ford, InitiativeForTexas.org

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